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Public libraries a dying service?

“It’s about books, not bookkeeping – or at least it used to be. “That’s not part of what you learned about when you went to school to be a librarian years ago,” said Sue Erdman, Executive Director at the Joseph T. Simpson Library in Mechanicsburg. In many ways, Erdman has become a full-time fund raiser, the library itself is responsible for 26 percent of their own budget.

“It was just like, well you wont get your second payment this year, and that was it,” said Joy Hamsher, director of the New Cumberland Public Library.” (via WHTM Harrisburg, Pa.)

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Dallas Libraries Attempt to Raise Money the City Won’t Give Them

“If the city won’t give money to Dallas libraries, maybe the community will. Thursday was North Texas Giving Day, which means Friends of the Dallas Public Libraries, along with other north Texas do-gooder groups, were busy rattling their tin cans for spare change to raise money that, in the library’s case, the city should already be providing. Last month, city staff released the budget plan for the next fiscal year. After several rounds of negotiations, the city settled on an additional $3.8 million to go toward the library budget. The raise comes after years of cuts, steadily driving the annual budget from $32 million in 2008 to last year’s budget of $22 million.” (via Dallas Observer)

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Vancouver Public Library launches Touch, a next-gen fundraiser

“In our technological age, many people probably would probably think of the Vancouver Public Library like an iPad — great if you want to consume content but not the go-to resource for creating it. That’s about the change with TOUCH, an event Oct. 4 that will combine interactive innovation and entertainment, giving attendees an idea of what they can expect in 2014 when the library opens its new Inspiration Lab — a space where people will be able to tell stories, edit videos, record sound and find all the digital resources they need to transform their creative ideas into reality and collaborate with others. Touch will be a lesson in libraries 3.0, and it’s the kickoff for a $250,000 fundraiser that will see 3,000 square feet on the central library’s third floor in downtown Vancouver transformed.” (via )

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Duke libraries pencil in all-time high number of donations

“The Duke University Libraries Annual Fund has raised an all-time high this year, tapping into a larger donor pool. There were 1,887 donors to the annual fund in 2013 giving $744,890—an increase of 17 percent and 30 percent, respectively, from last year, according to the Duke University Libraries blog. Administrators attributed the campaign’s success to a number of factors, including smarter marketing and increased interest from parents and alumni. “There’s no single factor—it is kind of a multi-pronged thing,” said Deborah Jakubs, vice provost for library affairs and Rita DiGiallonardo Holloway University librarian.” (via The Chronicle)

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Recycle and reuse: your card catalog

“The card catalog drawers at Doheny Library haven’t had cards in them for years. They are built into the wall of a charming alcove off to the left of the circulation desk. Removing them would not necessarily be difficult, but the aesthetics of the little space they occupy is quite enjoyable and older alumni love to regale us with tales of how they spent hours there transcribing titles, call numbers, etc. Rather than remove the drawers, we have instituted a new use: fundraising. Enter the Top Drawer Society.

via Ink and Vellum

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