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Sask. government reverses funding cut to libraries

“The Saskatchewan government is reversing funding cuts to libraries in last month’s provincial budget. On Monday, the government announced it will be restoring funding for provincial libraries to 2016-17 funding levels to keep regional and municipal libraries and interlibrary loans operational. “There were many necessary, difficult decisions taken in this budget, however the reductions in library funding without giving libraries the tools to meet the new challenge was (a) mistake,” Education Minister Don Morgan said in a news release.” (via ctvnews.com)

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Public libraries need help. The super-rich could provide it

“Norlina, N.C., is a tiny town of about 1,100 people getting by on an estimated median household income of about $23,000. A converted military hospital train car once housed the Norlina library. For more than six decades, people could go to the library to find good books or, in recent years, log on to the Internet. But no more: The library shut down in January.” (via The Washington Post)

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Study Finds Publicly-Funded Libraries and Museums Too Expensive, Too Slow To Build

“It’s just a one-story building, but the Mariners Harbor Library on Staten Island took nearly eight years to move from the drawing board to opening day in 2013. Across town in the Bronx, the Kingsbridge Library that opened in 2011 took more than nine years to build. The cost per square foot was more than double what developers pay, on average, to build new office buildings in New York.” (via WNYC)

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Academic and research librarians begin work to avert cuts to federal library funding

“Librarians are gearing up for a “marathon” effort to preserve federal funding for libraries, research, the arts and the humanities. The Trump administration earlier this month outlined its first budget plan, which if enacted would bring cuts to many federal programs on which libraries rely and eliminate several independent agencies. The budget proposes to eliminate funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which manages a host of grant programs. Crucially, the institute administers the Library Services and Technology Act, a program that libraries across the country depend on to fund their own services.” (via Inside Higher Education)

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Small-town libraries struggle to stay open when funding is short

“In 1991, when the Lawrence County Library System wanted to add two branch locations, Lynn wasn’t originally considered. The remote farming town of 282 is 15 miles down a winding stretch of Arkansas 25 from Powhatan. Its largest employers are a farm-services company and the small Hillcrest School District, which is about 6 miles south. Library system administrators didn’t think a branch would fare well in the town. But overwhelming support from the town’s residents brought a branch library to the southwestern Lawrence County community, and the Driftwood Library — named for a long-ago community near the Strawberry River — has thrived since.” (via NWA Online)

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