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Fastcase Partners with Justia to Provide Opinion Summaries For Free

Press Release – “Legal publisher Fastcase has partnered with Justia to provide free access to summaries of state and federal court opinions to all users of the Fastcase online library database. Justia, a legal media and technology company based in Mountain View, Ca., has been drafting concise summaries of breaking court opinions written by licensed attorneys since March 2011. The summaries are added daily to all opinions from state supreme courts, the U.S. Supreme Court, and federal circuit courts of appeal, and made available for no additional charge to all Fastcase users.”

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3 Million Texts for Free

Internet Archive Blog – “Hundreds of libraries reached the milestone of offering 3 million freely downloadable texts yesterday through the Internet Archive website. Our 3 millionth text is a Galileo pamphlet from the rare book collection of the University of Toronto.”

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Kevin Riordan: Rutgers law librarian a Web pioneer

Philly.com – “John Joergensen, Rutgers-Camden law school librarian, is also a lawyer, a harvester, and a shepherd. The last two titles sound a bit agrarian, but they are essential arts in his mission: to collect, catalog, curate, and present online a digital archive of the law of the land. Free.”

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posted in the New Yorker blog.

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13 Things You Pay For That Your Library Has For Free

SF Chronicle – “If it has been a few years or a few decades since you’ve ventured into your local library, you’re going to be very surprised by what you find. No longer are these dusty institutions of quiet corners, musty books and stern librarians, they are home to bestsellers, coffee carts, teen rooms, community, and civic gatherings. Libraries offer computer classes, babysitting workshops, tutoring programs and literacy programs, most of which are free, or are offered at a nominal fee. Not all services mentioned in this article are available at every library, but it’s worth finding out if your local library offers a similar option.”

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Wired Editor Steals Content for Book Saying Content Should be Free

Gawker – “Chris Anderson has been caught lifting huge chunks out of Wikipedia for his book Free. The irony speaks for itself. But it’s worth noting that the Wired editor’s excuses are disconcertingly clichéd.”

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Quality Artwork That Won’t Bust Your Budget

LibTalk Blog – “Using great images can take your publications (and blogs!) to the next level, but finding affordable images used to be a real challenge. Luckily, today there are many sources you can turn to for free or cheap high-resolution images.”

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