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Our Friend Flickr

Businessweek – “Some tips from Heather Champ, community manager for the popular photo-sharing Web site.”

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Ask a Librarian

Photos of students taken to promote our Ask a Librarian service.”

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More Uploading Features

…details on the Flickr blog.


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2 Feed added to I Tumbld

My linkblog is still going strong. In fact, last night I added feeds for my Flickr and Twitter accounts.

Lots of good stuff on the linkblog over the past few days, including a pic of Katherine McPhee (sorry, I couldn’t help it).

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Flickr set of lots of librar* pics/comics.

Ah – they come from John Hubbard, who recently updated his essay. Cool!

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No Flickr For You

China is apparently censoring Flickr. (via).

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365 Library Days Project

I was just invited to the 365 Library Days Project Group over on Flickr. Sounds like fun. Go Michael.

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Library Book Cards

Someone is scanning old library checkout cards and Flickring them.

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New Flickr Feature….Coming Soon

According to Thomas Hawk (who got it from a post by the Flickr Chief, users will soon be able to create subsets, or sets within sets.  Very useful.  Of course, they are going to make it easy to do.  Flickr always does.

"Interesting to note recent comments by Flickr Chief Stewart Butterfield about an upcoming feature due out likely soon at Flickr. "Sets of Sets," or being able create sub albums in your Flickr albums has probably been the single most requested feature at Flickr over the past two years or so. About four months ago Stewart indicated in a Flickr Ideas forum that this feature was being worked on and recent comments now indicate that it’s close to launch."

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American Libraries Flickr Page

I’m loving the photos popping up at a Flickr account called, "American Libraries".  Not sure if it’s an official ALA acocunt, but it rawks!

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