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Library Genius

I can’t blog this picture directly, but it’s really cool.

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Librarian Parade

A Flickr set

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Libraries in 2017

A Flickr Set

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READ Canpaign

ALA has been adding more shots to their Flickr Set

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Lots of Flickr Tools

Programmable Web lists 275 of ’em. Wowza!

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Willie Goes To The Library

A Flickr set.

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Best. News. Of. The. Week.

Flickr <3's Picnik.


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Librarian R.I.P.

A Flickr set.

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Faster Uploading to Flickr

Peter Butler – “If you’re a Flickr user, you can eliminate that delay completely with Foldr Monitr, a free utility that automatically uploads images from specified folders on your hard drive to your Flickr account.”


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ALA Flickr Goodies

ALA invited me to their Banned Books Flickr group. I’m not much of a joiner these days, but I said yes to the invite. Thanks ALA.

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