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Ramen noodles make library’s Food for Fines fail list

“Ramen noodles might be adequate enough to feed hungry college students and folks on a budget, but the square-block packages don’t hold up well in food drives. Which is why the Salem Public Library, in announcing its annual Food for Fines amnesty promotion next month, put ramen noodles on the list of unacceptable foods. Library administrator BJ Toewe said the library follows the recommendations of the Marion-Polk Food Share food bank, the beneficiary of the library’s food drive.” (via Statesman Journal)

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Brooklyn Public Library hauls in $1.6 million in overdue fines–but $300M in repairs await

“This fine news isn’t enough to help fund much-needed repairs at the cash-strapped Brooklyn Public Library.The library hauled in $1.6 million in fines in 2013, but that’s chump change for a system that needs $300 million dollars in restoration work.The fines were also slightly down from the $1.9 million collected in 2012. That’s in part due to an increase in e-books, which automatically disappear from the digital devices on their due date.Still, library officials said last year’s total was about right.” (via NY Daily News)

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When Books Go Missing and Borrowers Go Bad, NYC Libraries Go to Collections

“Borrower beware. A quarter a day may not seem like much, but for tens of thousands of delinquent patrons, city library fines can add up to a whole lot of financial trouble, DNAinfo New York has learned. This year alone, the city’s three largest library systems sent some 60,000 overdue accounts to collections agencies, a process that prompts most embarrassed borrowers to quickly return, repay and repent.” (via DNAinfo.com New York)

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Library book returned 41 years overdue

“A library book 41 years overdue is finally returned to the Champaign County Library.  The library received $299.30 in cash and a handwritten note that read: “To Champaign County Library:   Sorry I’ve kept this book so long, but I’m a really slow reader!  I’ve enclosed my fine of $299.30 (41 years, 2 cents a day). Once again, my apologies.” (via WDTN)

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Are you a library scofflaw?

“Your library card status may soon follow you like your credit history. Washington and Dakota county libraries are pursuing a $47,000 federal grant to try out a library card verification system that would tell them instantly if someone from the neighboring county is a good bet as a book borrower People increasingly use libraries where they work or visit, not just where they live, and a computer link between library patron accounts would stop people from ducking fines for overdue materials at their home libraries and skipping to another county to get books.”

via StarTribune.com

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Some Greater Boston libraries are dropping fines for overdue materials

The Boston Globe – “On a Saturday morning at the Gleason Public Library in Carlisle last month, Jason Walsh deposited a tall stack of materials on the returns desk and automatically reached for his wallet. It was the end of school vacation, and he was sure that at least a few of the books, CDs, and DVDs his three young daughters had consumed over the past week had accrued some fines. But the librarian waved him off, explaining that Gleason had stopped charging for overdue materials five months ago. Like many library patrons, Walsh was surprised. Aren’t overdue fines as integral to the fabric of the public library system as, say, Dewey decimal numbers or signs asking for quiet?”

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Woman Jailed For Overdue Library Book

WISN – “In Beloit, failing to return overdue library books is apparently a serious offense. It landed Keely Givhan behind bars for six days.”

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Con Job

Foxy Librarian – “The patron had probably spent all day putting together this con. And all of this effort for what? $45.00 worth of fines.”

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