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Human Filtering….Kinda

On ‘The Golden Compass – “It was not banned,” says Farnau, “but it was taken off the shelves. It was removed as a check-out item. If a parent would like to come in and request to check out the book from the school, we would, of course, allow that.”

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More On Human Filtering

Good point – “If every book were to be taken off the shelves because someone considered it offensive, libraries would be empty.”

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Opining About Human Filtering

Library board takes appropriate action: None

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More on Filtering

Library Mole – “Kids to the right; perverts to the left”


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More on Filtering at SJPL

Editorial – “Responding to a minor nuisance at the downtown library by dampening the rights of inquiry and speech of all patrons at every city library is an unacceptable trade-off.”

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