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Librarian Fired Over DeLillo Book Dies at Age 77

MyFox Colorado – “Anna “Jeanne” Layton refused to take “Americana” off the shelves of the Davis County Library, arguing that patrons could decide whether they wanted to read it.”

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Libraries Not For Porn

Dallas Morning News Editorial – “Dallas has obligation to install Internet filters.”

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More on Human Filtering

LJ – “A Maine library has been cleared of obscenity charges for having a controversial sex ed title on its shelves, and the patron who removed the book from the library will stand trial for theft.”

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Human filtering in my own backyard…well, an hour away, but still scary.

And I thought this stuff didn’t happen on LI. Hah.

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More On Human Filtering

PZ Myers – “[W]e don’t see school boards screaming to remove Chuck Colson’s books from the shelves because the author is a convicted felon, which seems to me to be a much more serious indicator of moral turpitude than atheism, nor do we see a call to eject books by Ann Coulter because she is incredibly stupid, and is therefore a poor role model for students.”

OK, I lied. I’m blogging tonight.

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Focus on Judy Blume

Colleen Diskin – “Many of them spent their puberty reading Blume’s adolescent novels. Now they were bringing their grade-schoolers to meet one of the country’s most censored authors.”

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More on Filtering

John Woolfolk – “Porn star and former California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey gets blocked. So do circumcision critics. But a pantyless Britney Spears? Not always.”

California is going through some rough times these days. I wonder if Arnold’s old shenanigans gets blocked too.

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Filtering From San Jose to Sacramento

Ed Fletcher – “A contingent of conservative library board members is pushing the Sacramento Public Library to adopt a new policy aimed at ensuring library computer users do not access pornographic images.”

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Filtering Revisited

John Woolfolk – “A decade after San Jose rejected blocking access to sexually explicit material on library computers, a city councilman says it’s time to reconsider that decision.”

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Adventures in Blocking Library Blogs

VWB – “[T]he technology department got us right where it hurt…nothing got thru except for Library Stuff and some Teacher Tube videos.”

Yay! I didn’t get blocked. That’s because I’m not allowed to use foul language on LS. 😉

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