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Battle over the future of Fairfax libraries to be joined again today by county supervisors

“The revelations that the Fairfax County Public Library was throwing away hundreds of thousands of books, and was testing a plan that would reduce the number of librarians in its libraries, sparked an uproar in September. The Fairfax board of supervisors asked the library’s board of trustees to take a step back, solicit input from the public, and report back to the supervisors. That report is coming from board of trustees chair Willard O. Jasper on Tuesday morning.” (via Washington Post)

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In Fairfax County, protests over dumping of library books could not be hushed

The parking lot was jammed, cars snaking along the road and into the neighborhood. The meeting room in Annandale was packed, with a satellite location for the overflow audience. Two police officers in body armor stood guard. This mob at George Mason Regional Library could get unruly, I guess. That’s what happens when you toss 250,000 books into trash bins.” (via The Washington Post)

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Fairfax library board to put its strategic plan to revamp system on hold, vice-chair says

“At a Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting to discuss the outcry over proposed changes to the county library system, the vice-chair of the Fairfax library Board of Trustees said Tuesday night that “the entire matter of these changes will be put on hold” until the library board can get more input from library staff and customers. The board this summer adopted a “Strategic Plan” to revamp the library system in order to deal with declining budgets and advancing technology. But the plan called for reducing staff in the branches, eliminating masters of library science degrees as a requirement for branch managers, eliminating bachelors degrees as a requirement for library assistants, and requiring children’s librarians to spend most of their time devising reading programs instead of working in the library, all of which brought criticism from employees and patrons.” (via Washington Post)

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Fairfax County Libraries Prepare for Pilot Cuts, But Employees Say Budget Already ‘Bare Bones’

“Fairfax County Public Library employees and supporters are trying to fight proposed changes to the staffing structures at libraries that would essentially combine circulation and information jobs into one position — a move that would lower costs in tight budget times but also possibly hurt the services the libraries provide for county residents, they say. The big change in the new model would reduce the number of employees needed to run the county’s libraries.” (via Mount Vernon, VA Patch)

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Fairfax County Libraries Prepared for Cuts if Necessary

“Fairfax County Public Libraries are ready to reduce some book availability at the Tysons-Pimmit Regional Library, along with other branches, if cuts in the county’s proposed FY 2014 budget are approved in April, officials say. In his advertised $7 billion budget package presented to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, County Executive Ed Long proposed removing $374,000 from the library’s collections budget, which it uses to buy books and stock the shelves”

via Tysons Corner, VA Patch

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