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When Your Kid Won’t “Friend” You

Motherlode Blog – “Hope Greenberg, an attorney and mother of four on Long Island created the group when she asked her 12-year-old daughter to “friend” her and the girl pushed back.”

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Web app turns social network members into authors

CNET – “The book’s opening line is: “Helen has just registered on Facebook.”

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More on Facebook

The Lede – “Has Facebook Worn Out Its Welcome?”

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Facebook Banned in Library

The usual reasons.

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I’m back on Twitter (It’s been fun!), but not even close to trying Facebook again. I might actually get more use out of Hatebook!. There’s lot of people that I can’t stand and probably many that can’t stand me. 😉

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I’m Your Friend

Walaika Haskins – “The office of Andrew Cuomo, New York’s attorney general, has been thumbing through Facebook lately, and it isn’t looking for new friends. Undercover investigators set up Facebook profiles pretending to be teenage girls, then received inappropriate come-ons from adult users. The investigators then complained to Facebook in the guise of the teens’ parents, but the site allegedly all but ignored their protests.”

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More on Facebook Un-Breast Feeding

Robert Scoble joins the protest.

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Breastfeeding Obscene?

Becky C. – “Apparently, Facebook considers female breasts obscene. They also can not differentiate between a t***y shot and a picture of someone feeding a baby.”

One rule that my editor has for this blog is that I can’t curse, which I think is a good idea (keeps me in check). So, go to the link for the free-wheeling post.

Facebook should consider reversing their decision. This could set a bad precedent.

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In Your Facebook

Brad Grier – “While other public and private organizations and corporations are analyzing, examining, testing and ignoring, the Edmonton Public Library soft-launched it Facebook application today.”

(Thanks Estelle)

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FaceBook Apps for Librarians

Ellyssa Kroski – “Librarians are experimenting with a wide range of Facebook Apps ranging from the productive such as the 30 Boxes Calendar, Meebo, Twitter, and Zoho Online Office to the silly with Zombies, Likeness, My Aquarium, and SuperPoke. Here are the first three Facebook Apps designed for the librarian in all of us…”

Part one of a series.

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