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EveryLibrary Internship at San Jose State University iSchool

“We’re excited to announce the EveryLibrary Research and Marketing Internship with the San Jose State University School of Information iSchool for the 2016-2017 school year.The internship is an opportunity for interested students to assist EveryLibrary with its research and advocacy measures that aim to help publicize and combat the constant and unfortunate threats against libraries. We’re hopeful that this opportunity will foster engagement and activism in the profession and help the selected student increase her or his political literacy and awareness regarding issues related to library funding.” (via EveryLibrary)

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Ian Singer Joins EveryLibrary Advisory Committee

“We are pleased to announce today that Ian Singer, COO for Credo Reference and former Vice President of Group Publishing at Media Source, has joined EveryLibrary’s Advisory Committee. Ian will be helping us map out our plan for fundraising and development. We are moving rapidly as an organization past the ‘proof of concept’ phase and into one of sustained success for libraries. Ian is a strategic thinker about the future of libraries as well as an effective tactician about identifying and advancing the financial health of organizations in our space. His early support for our work through Library Journal was a key part of our acceptance within this industry as a new, effective advocacy organization for libraries.” (via EveryLibrary)

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EveryLibrary Announces VoteLibraries.org

“EveryLibrary, the first national political action committee for libraries, is pleased to announce the launch of VoteLibraries, a new campaign to give libraries the resources needed to advocate for themselves in their communities. Created through a partnership with the Creative Action Network (CAN) and funded by partners including Mango Languages, this campaign will provide libraries with a new, dedicated set of advocacy and outreach tools online for campaign success.” (via EveryLibrary)

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OverDrive Supports EveryLibrary With $3,000 Donation

“EveryLibrary today announced a new $3,000 donation from OverDrive, the leading provider of ebooks through public libraries in the US and around the world. OverDrive, under the leadership of Steve Potash, is continuing its support of libraries and helping EveryLibrary expand its grassroots campaigns and work building voter support for libraries. Since early 2013, EveryLibrary has successfully supported over a dozen bond, levy, parcel tax, and other referendum campaigns for libraries, helping to secure over $20 million in stable tax revenue for these libraries. “EveryLibrary is a unique and effective organization for library advocacy,” says Potash. “For every dollar spent on library ballot campaigns this year, they have helped return far more in public funding for libraries. It’s important for communities nationwide that libraries continue to flourish.” (via EveryLibrary)

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Announcing “EveryLibrary California”

“EveryLibrary works to support local library communities as they campaign for new or renewed funding at the ballot box.  But California libraries have an extra hurdle to clear when talking to voters.  It takes 66.7% of the voters to vote YES for them to win.  As a library going out for a renewal of your Parcel Tax – basic funding – you can loose in California with 50% + 1, with 60%, or even 66.6% of the vote!  The California Library Association has been working hard to fix that.  We’ve talked about SCA-7, the proposed state Constitutional Amendment that would lower the threshold from 66% down to 55% for passage.  CLA is lobbying in Sacramento to get SCA-7 passed and out to the voters as a Proposition.  When it does, we will be there to help in a new and effective way.” (via EveryLibrary)

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