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Not Your Blog

Dave Winer – “I decide what belongs on this blog”

Good for you Dave.

I’ve been involved a bunch of ethical decisions lately. The one thing I’ve learned is, don’t let anyone define what your ethical lines should be.

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Library posters an ethical gray area

The New York Library Association may have hit a snag in their efforts to use legislators in READ posters.

"The proposed new law, which legislative leaders worked out with Gov. Eliot Spitzer, bans all lobbying gifts except those of nominal value. Also, public officials will not be allowed to appear in any ads paid for with taxpayers’ dollars.

Michael J. Borges, executive director and chief lobbyist of the Library Association, which also employs the Crane, Vacco and Sanders lobbying firm, considers the READ posters within the limits of the proposed new law. They’re worth about $15 each, he said, and just one is given to each pictured lawmaker, with the hope the legislator will buy more."


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