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Latest Version of Thomson Reuters ProView eReader

“Thomson Reuters today announced the latest version of Thomson Reuters ProViewTM, the leading professional eReader platform. Currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Spain, the new version of Thomson Reuters ProView adds power and functionality for iPad users – as well as public betas of native apps for Android tablet, and Windows and Mac users – to the first eReader platform specifically built from the ground up for professionals, allowing users to interact with legal content on eBooks in entirely new ways.”

via Thomson Reuters

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OverDrive introduces browser-based ebook reader

Press Release – “Leading global eBook distributor OverDrive today announced plans to launch later this year a new eBook reading platform, “OverDrive Read.”  Based on open standards HTML5 and EPUB, OverDrive Read creates a fresh, direct and immersive reading experience offering significant benefits for publishers, booksellers, libraries and schools.  Unlike eBook apps or devices, OverDrive Read enables readers using standard web browsers to enjoy eBooks online and offline without first installing any software or activating their device.  OverDrive will demonstrate this new eReading platform at Book Expo America, in New York City, June 5-7, 2012 (Booth #4340), as well as at the American Library Association annual conference in Anaheim, Calif., June 22-25.”

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The Kindle Index: What City Buys the Most E-Readers?

The Atlantic – “To identify the most electronically literate places in America, we analyzed the Priceonomics database of eight million electronics for sale by city. We examined how prevalent the Amazon Kindle was by city to rank how popular e-reading was across the nation (we also examined Nook sales, which didn’t change the results). To our surprise, the most populous and culturally-reputed cities in America did not rank among the most digitally literate.”

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