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Memphis pushes back over library ID voting policy

“Election officials have been making Shelby County early voters who show only a Memphis library card as their photo identification cast a provisional ballot, and an attorney for the city on Monday demanded the practice stop. Attorney George Barrett wrote in a cease and desist letter to Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper that state election officials are in “defiance” of a court order, and the city of Memphis will go to court if the provisional ballot policy doesn’t stop.”

via AP

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MIT Libraries’ research contributes to award-winning redistricting software, DistrictBuilder

“As Americans head to the polls, few will give much thought to how their voting district was created, and almost none will have had any direct input in defining its boundaries. Voting districts are often created and adjusted in a highly politicized process with little voter involvement. A software program known as DistrictBuilder hopes to change that by making the redistricting process more open and collaborative. The open source software developed by the Public Mapping Project, with software engineering by Azavea, a geospatial analysis company, won the “Data for Social Impact” Award at last week’s 2012 Strata Data Innovation Awards.”

via MIT Libraries News

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Election Night and Public Libraries

Library Garden – “The library has always been open regular hours on election days and starting in 2004 we decided that as the “community’s living room” we were the perfect venue to host a non-partisan, family friendly election return event.”

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Libraries Rock the Election

School Library Journal – “Interest is high around this year’s presidential contest, and schools and libraries are giving kids a chance to get involved.”

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Tech Tools for Voters

Laura Gordon-Murnane – “Election 2008 has unleashed a whole new tool chest for the voting public to engage, discuss, and interact with presidential candidates and members of Congress.”

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Voting Problems in My Library District

Stacey Altherr – “Smithtown Town Councilwoman Patricia Biancaniello said she has been told by residents who voted that they were confused and might have pulled only the lever for the budget portion of the vote”

And you thought this stuff only happened in Florida.

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