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Libraries helping authors with e-publishing

“A partnership between the Henderson County Public Library and the Daviess County Public Library is aiming to help new writers find a market with electronic publishing. Library officials say the effort will also help published writers sell more books.

Interested authors can access a website — epublishorbust.com — and do the publishing themselves.

“We don’t publish the books for them,” Henderson library Director Essy Day told The Gleaner (http://bit.ly/1BZ5r5l). “We provide the resources to help them do it themselves. It’s like a one-stop website that gives you tools and resources, and we also have a calendar where they can book a date at a library to come and promote their work.” (via Louisville)

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With eBooks Still Pricey, Illinois Libraries Flex Their Marketing Muscle

“When Sullivan penned this letter as President of the American Library Association, she was worried about the future of libraries.  The ALA sought public support over a dispute between libraries and Big 5 publishers in much the same way that Hachette Book Group is currently enlisting authors in its fight over book pricing with Amazon.  The problem was simple.  Library patrons were reading more and more eBooks.  Libraries were locked out of purchasing half of the most popular books electronically.  Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Penguin would not sell libraries eBooks at any price.  Other large publishers imposed Draconian lending limits – requiring books to be repurchased after a year or setting a limit on lends.  Worst of all, some publishers were charging seventy dollars or more for libraries to buy the same eBook consumers could purchase for ten dollars or less.” (via Forbes)

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Boom in electronic gadgets prompts libraries to offer more ebooks

“Are iPads sending people to their local public library? Sunnyvale official Lisa Rosenblum thinks so. Just last week, Rosenblum said, she was approached at the city library by a middle-aged resident who admitted he hadn’t visited there for years. The man was applying for a library card because he’d bought a new iPad and wanted to borrow electronic books.” The iPad, the Kindle, all these mobile devices are becoming more affordable and people are discovering what they can do,” said Rosenblum, who is Sunnyvale’s director of library and community services. “But then they realize they have to pay for downloads” from commercial sites, “and when they find out the library can provide them at no charge, they’re coming back in.” (via San Jose Mercury News)

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Shebooks Launches Subscriptions to Short E-books by and for Women

“Shebooks, a new digital publisher of short e-books by and for women, launched subscriptions to its growing library today. This week also marks the start of a Kickstarter campaign to fund female authors called “Equal Writes.”Shebooks.net launched in December 2013 with a curated collection of e-books, each designed to be a one- to-two hour read. Its library has since grown to 40 short works by top authors and journalists, including best-sellers Caroline Leavitt, Hope Edelman, GLAAD co-chair Jennifer Finney Boylan, Guardian columnist Teresa Wiltz, cofounder of Ms. magazine Suzanne Braun Levine, National Book Award ?nalist Beth Kephart, and many more.” (via PRNewswire)

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People Who Use E-Readers Dive Far Deeper Into Books

“Digital publishing is rapidly becoming a haven for struggling writers—but it turns out the format might hold similar potential for struggling readers too. A new survey by UK charity Quick Reads indicates that adult readers tend to read more and stick with books longer if they’re using an e-reader. According to the survey, 48 percent of UK adults who use e-readers say the technology gets them to read more. In addition to that, 41 percent of respondents reported that being able to look up words they don’t know makes reading easier, and over half say that being able to change the size and appearance of text helps as well.” (via Wired.com)

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Email Promotion Newsletters: Q&A With “The Fussy Librarian”

“Email newsletters that promote digital books are one of the fastest growing methods of book marketing today. The Fussy Librarian is one of the new ebook promotion newsletters, started by Jeffrey Bruner in the fall of 2013. The newsletter has already acquired 10,300 subscribers and 1,925 authors and about 3,500 different books have been featured.” (via Digital Book World)

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Indiana Libraries Work Toward Digitization Of Books

“As libraries in Indiana add more digital books to their collections, they’re also being forced to decide whether to shrink their hard copy collections. In 2008, the Monroe County library had just over 90 thousand electronic books. Last year, that number was more than 9 million. But Monroe County Public Library Director Sarah Laughlin says the library will also keep its print selection. “It will be fine if everyone moved to e-books tomorrow, we would know just what to do, we would be spending all our money over e-books, but we still have lot of people requesting books, music and videos in the traditional forms,” Laughlin said.” (via Indiana Public Media)

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ALA Midwinter 2014: On E-books, Librarians Urged to Think Bigger (and Smaller)

“Last year was a year of progress for libraries on the e-book issue. But at an engaging ALA Midwinter 2014 session hosted by the Digital Content Working Group, librarians were urged not to be satisfied by recent developments, or complacent, but rather to look more deeply at their digital future.

The session kicked off with remarks from Sari Feldman, co-chair, ALA Digital Content Working Group, and executive director of the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library. Feldman ran down the advances of the last year.” (via PW)

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Duke University Press Launches New Platform for e-Books

“Duke University Press and HighWire Press are pleased to announce the launch of a new site for reading, searching, and sharing Duke University Press’s books: read.dukeupress.edu. Offering more than 1,600 titles and powered by the Folio eBooks solution, the site is the new home for the e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection, available to libraries for purchase.” (via Duke University Press Log)

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ebrary’s Academic Complete Tops 100,000 Titles

“Academic Complete™, the flagship ebook collection from ProQuest’s ebook platform, ebrary, has added 20,000 titles to its selection of in-demand scholarly academic monographs. The additional titles come from renowned publishers such as Ashgate, Edinburgh University Press, Harvard University Press, Peter Lang, MIT Press, and Wiley. Academic Complete now offers a selection of more than 109,000 ebooks, with more than 33 percent published since 2009.” (via ProQuest)

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