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New Research From Scholastic Reveals That More Ebooks and Independent Reading Time Are Needed in U.S. Schools

“Scholastic recently released its new report on the state of school reading in the United States. Two of the many findings include the need for more time devoted to independent reading and a desire for more ebooks in school libraries.” (via Digital Book World)

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Amazon Offers to Settle EU Probe Over E-Books Contracts

“Amazon.com Inc. is poised to settle a European Union probe into its e-book deals with publishers by changing controversial clauses, according to regulators. Amazon won’t enforce clauses that required publishers to offer it terms as good as or better than those they sign with other e-book distributors and will avoid them in future contracts, the European Commission said in a e-mailed statement that outlined details of the company’s offer to settle the investigation. The pledge would last five years and would allow publishers end contracts that link e-book discounts on Amazon to e-book prices on other online stores.” (via Bloomberg)

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E-books can be lent by libraries just like normal books, rules EU’s top court

“Public libraries can lend out electronic books, the European Union’s highest court has ruled.The judgment confirms the opinion of Maciej Szpunar, advocate general to the the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), who said back in June that lending out e-books should be permitted in the 28-member-state bloc provided authors are fairly compensated in the same way as for physical books.” (via Ars Technica UK)

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Kindle Reading Fund Launches to Provide eBooks

“Amazon has a long but quiet history of giving back. It has launched initiatives to employ disabled veterans and their spouses, created the Amazon Smile website that supports consumers’ favorite charities, and more. But now, the company that started with books is getting back to its roots with the launch of the Kindle Reading Fund, a branch of the organization that will provide reading materials to charities that are already doing the legwork of literacy to people all around the world.” (via Goodereader.com)

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E-books fair game for public libraries, says advisor to top Europe court

“Electronic books should be treated just like physical books for the purposes of lending, an advisor to Europe’s top court has said.Maciej Szpunar, advocate general to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), said in an opinion published (PDF) Thursday morning that public libraries should be allowed to lend e-books so long as the author is fairly compensated.A 2006 EU directive says that the exclusive right to authorise or prohibit rentals and loans belongs to the author of the work. However, countries may opt out of this rule for the purposes of “public lending,” provided that authors obtain fair remuneration.” (via Ars Technica)

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