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Help for eBay Shoppers Who Can’t Spell

NYTimes.com – “A handful of new Web sites with names like Typo Bay and Typo Buddy are out to help shoppers save money by searching eBay for misspelled brand names. Such items often have fewer bidders because they don’t appear in search results for people who spell the items correctly, and therefore can be had at a cheaper price.”

I always include Missing Auctions in my “130 tools in 160 minutes” talks

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Fat Fingers

I’m a big fan of Missing Auctions. A similar site is Fat Fingers. Both show misspelled words in eBay.

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eBay Desktop

eBay Desktop looks incredible. I’m not an E-bay addict, but the concept rawks. Adobe AIR could be the next big thing.

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Reason #358: Why Librarians Are Needed

Selling what’s free.

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More on eBay Typos

The Cohen household is a big fan of Missing Auctions. Barbie is more of an eBay person than me, so I’ll share TypoHound with her as well.

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