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Online academic material has costs too

“The students in the group were smart. They were well dressed and educated, all had laptops, several had expensive smartphones, and yet none of them really expected to pay much, if anything at all, for textbooks or academic materials. I met the students a few weeks ago as part of a focus group looking at digital textbooks. The topic strayed – as it increasingly does – into a debate surrounding the cost of materials. “I’ve never paid for anything educational online,” explained one student, “even though the journals want me to pay.”

via Guardian

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More on E-Resources

K.G. Schneider – “People want to solve for X, whether it gives them FireFox, a Mini-Cooper, or a Krispy Kreme donut. What is our X?”

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More on E-Resources

Elisabeth Leonard – ” While research can be part of learning, our e-resources clearly aren’t the primary means our faculty think of when creating learning opportunities.”

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