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The 2009 Anti-Spam Measures Survey

European Network and information Security Agency – “The survey aims to determine how e-mail service providers are combating spam on their networks. It helps identifying the state of the fight against spam and helps service providers to learn from their peers throughout Europe. Overall, we hope that this research will aid the industry’s understanding and development of best practices in the fight against spam.”

Read the report and some slides

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Why Email No Longer Rules…

WSJ – “Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over. In its place, a new generation of services is starting to take hold—services like Twitter and Facebook and countless others vying for a piece of the new world. And just as email did more than a decade ago, this shift promises to profoundly rewrite the way we communicate—in ways we can only begin to imagine.”

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Backup your email With Stash My Mail

StashMyMail.com – Download your email and have it available for offline viewing.

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Microsoft experimenting with a pause button for incoming e-mail

Webware – “Microsoft Office Labs has launched a new product called E-mail Prioritizer that will not only sort through your in-box to figure out what’s important, but also give you an honest-to-goodness pause button in case you want to escape an Exchange server e-mail avalanche.”

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Looking Good in Email

Reid Goldsborough – “Despite the availability of video (at the high end) and texting (at the low end), email remains the most common form of one-to-one internet-based communication, particularly in business settings.”

A “How to do it good” piece (via)

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