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HP, UMich deal means a “real” future for scanned books

Ars Technica – “HP and the University of Michigan have inked a deal that will see HP reprinting rare and out-of-print books from Michigan’s library via the printer maker’s print-on-demand service. Here’s why this is potentially as important as anything Google Books is doing.”

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Apple Lurks as Kindle, Nook Squeeze Out Sony

Rich Jaroslovsky – “Everyone from desperate publishers to techno-lusting consumers knows what an e-reader should be: a thin, light, affordable tablet with a bright color touch screen, decent battery life and fast wireless access to books, magazines, newspapers and work documents.”

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Click by Click, Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending

NYT – “Kate Lambert recalls using her library card just once or twice throughout her childhood. Now, she uses it several times a month. The lure? Electronic books she can download to her laptop. Beginning earlier this year, Ms. Lambert, a 19-year-old community college student in New Port Richey, Fla., borrowed volumes in the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series, “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold and a vampire novel by Laurel K. Hamilton, without ever visiting an actual branch”

Good to see my buddy Michael Colford quoted in this piece.

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Texting? No, Just Trying to Read Chapter 6

NYTimes – “In our digital age, miniaturization rules. This is a welcome thing — in most cases. Squeezing two billion transistors onto a small chip? All good. Squeezing an enormous printed textbook down to iPhone-size? Not so good.”

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Sony Reader Devices Can Now Borrow E-Books From Libraries

The Wired Campus – “The new feature involves a service by a company called OverDrive Inc., which distributes electronic books to about 9,000 libraries, about 100 of which are academic libraries.Now libraries that use the OverDrive service will give patrons the option of downloading the e-books to their Sony Readers. A few weeks after a user checks out a book, the loan period ends, and the e-books are removed from the user’s collection.”

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Why free ebooks should be part of the plot for writers

Cory Doctorow – “I don’t think we can stop others from copying – it’s a lost cause. Copying is actually wonderful, and I have copied my head off since I first snuck into the photocopy room at my dad’s office in 1980. My problem isn’t piracy, it’s obscurity, and free ebooks generate more sales than they displace.”

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Sony to support open ebook forma

BBC – “The electronics giant said it would stop using a proprietary standard in favour of the ePub open format. Sony said it would have its store converted to the format by the end of 2009. Most Sony Readers can already handle books in the ePub format.”

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Sony officially unveils new Readers, drops price of e-books

CNET – “After enduring a couple of rumors and leaks that took the lid off its latest e-readers a little earlier than it would have liked, Sony’s officially announced the two new models: the Reader Pocket Edition ($199) and Reader Touch Edition ($299), both of which will hit stores at the end of the month. The other big news is Sony is going to match Amazon’s e-book pricing, making new releases and best seller titles $9.99 instead of $11.99.”

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1 Million Books

Sony Electronics Blog – "You said you wanted more books and we heard you. Our free public domain content offering from Google has now surpassed the 1 million title mark." (via)

More here

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Libraries, eBooks, and the Mobile Web: A Long Ways to Go

Read/Write/Web – “According to a new report from Cambridge University (PDF), students aren’t interested in being able to read eBooks and eJournals on their mobile phones. Instead, users are far more interested in opening hours, location maps, contact info, and access to the library catalog. Most respondents were also far more interested in getting alerts by text message than being able to use library resources over the mobile web.”

Direct to the report

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