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Public will be able to search drone database

“The general public will be able to search through a new U.S. drone database, which requires all recreational drone owners to begin registering later this month. The public will only be able to search the database by using a drone operator’s unique identification number that must be stamped on individual drones. A search of a specific ID number would spit out the name and address of the drone’s owner. The public, however, would not be able to search solely by a drone operator’s name or address.” (The Hill)

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University library to lend drones to students

“Students at the University of South Florida will be soaring to new academic heights, with drones. College students will be getting their hands on more than just books at the USF come the fall semester. The Tampa campus plans to offer remote-controlled drones for students to check out for school-related projects.< It's a bold move considering that more places are starting to limit the access of drones, including the National Park Service, which announced a temporary ban on the use of drones on Friday. The NPS announcement basically bars the access of unmanned devices to 84 million acres of land in the U.S." (via CNN.com)

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