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UNESCO encourages Member States to implement IFLA policies on Information Literacy and Print Disabled People

“The IFLA Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Recommendations and the Libraries Serving People with Print Disabilities (LPD) Manifesto were passed at the 37th UNESCO General Conference held in Paris (5-20 November 2013). Member States will now be asked to endorse both pieces on a national level. Member states are encouraged to apply the policies set out in the Recommendations and the Manifesto to their community to further their citizens’ access to information.” (via IFLA)

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IFLA Welcomes WIPO Treaty for Blind and Print Disabled People

“Following two weeks of negotiations in Marrakech, Morocco, Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) formally adopted a ‘Treaty to Improve Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually Impaired, or otherwise Print Disabled’ on Thursday June 27th 2013. The treaty will be open to signature by WIPO Member States on Friday the 28th.” (via IFLA)

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Disability rights advocates and publishers push for national standards for ed tech materials

“Disability rights advocates and book publishers are pushing for federal regulations to ensure higher education technology is accessible to tens of thousands of students with visual impairments. A federal study in 2011 found college students with a range of disabilities face “unintended and nearly impenetrable barriers” thrown up by some new technology products. Now, the National Federation of the Blind is floating a draft bill designed to ensure students with disabilities are not left behind on college campuses by a wave of new technologies. The proposal has the support of other disability rights groups and the Association of American Publishers.” (via Inside Higher Ed)

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Organisations representing library associations, library consortia, and professional librarians in over 150 countries urge WIPO Member States to agree an effective treaty for print disabled people

“After many years of negotiations a WIPO Diplomatic Conference to conclude a treaty to facilitate access to published works by visually impaired persons and persons with print disabilities is taking place in Marrakesh, Morocco from the 17th to the 28th of June 2013. IFLA has been closely involved in the process and strongly supports an effective treaty that will increase access to information for visually impaired people. IFLA and the world’s leading library organisations have published a joint statement stressing the importance of a treaty in order for libraries to fulfill their role in facilitating access to works for visually impaired persons and persons with print disabilities.” (via IFLA)

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CILIP partners national digital access campaign

“The Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals has become a partner for Go ON Gold, a national campaign that raises awareness about the barriers faced by some people with disabilities accessing the internet and technology, and to help people overcome those barriers. Some four million disabled people in the UK have never used the internet and other new technologies such as smart phones. Most of us take the availability of digital technology for granted, but for some disabled people they can find themselves excluded from essential services such as opportunities for work, important information and services from the Government.” (via CILIP)

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A new report, from ARL

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