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Study: To preserve digital resources, institutions should play to their strengths

“The efforts to preserve digital humanities research are as numerous as the definitions of the catchall term, according to a report that urges institutions to develop their own strategies to preserve resources that can’t simply be bound and stored in a library. The report, “Sustaining the Digital Humanities: Host Institution Support Beyond the Start-Up Phase,” represents an effort by co-authors Nancy L. Maron and Sarah Pickle, a program director and analyst at the consulting firm Ithaka S+R, respectively, to study how institutions support digital resources created on their campuses. The work builds on an earlier report that looked at similar efforts in the United Kingdom.” (via insidehighered)

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Humanities in the digital age

“This may be the digital age, but techies and code writers aren’t the only ones who can thrive in it. Humanists say they should not be overlooked in the increasingly digital world. To many people, the word “humanist” conjures images of a scholar isolated in a hushed, dimly lit room, surrounded by stacks of books. But that stereotype no longer holds true, according to a panel of experts brought together to discuss the emerging and growing field of “Digital Humanities.” (via Harvard Gazette)

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