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David Rothman has had a heart attack

David Rothman (E-book guy) has had a heart attack. Feel better, my friend.

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Teaching young people to HATE e-books

David Rothman – “A bomb threat at Brooklyn College emptied the library building (photo), preventing me from delivering my talk on E as a bridge: How e-libraries and the right e-book devices could bring nations, socioeconomic classes and generations closer together.”

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New Feed For My Google Reader

David Rothman (E-book guy) has a blog over at Publishers Weekly. Suweeeet!

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Reading is Good For You

David Rothman – “Could books, E included, be good for your mental health—at least if presented in the right context?”

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Second Life vs. Pat Conroy, the e-book Long Tail, and good parenting

David Rothman (The e-book guy) has some harsh words about Second Life.

"[S]hould public libraries plan to splurge millions in tax money to reduce the number of hours that children spend with parents? Have SL boosters in the library world really thought this through sufficiently? And how about all the constructive questions that Rochelle Hartman, an ALA councilor, has raised? Tell me, SL fans. Is this expensive service really what the schools and libraries need when basic digital and educational divides persist? Compared to alternatives, will it encourage more traditional literacy and sustained thought? And how about SL’s effect on The Long Tail about which so many e-bookers are fond?"

No comment from me.  I haven’t tried SL and probably won’t.  Just no time.  😉

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