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Winer NOT on Wikipedia Page on Blog?

Dave Winer – “All kinds of people get credit for building blogging as a practice and tools for blogging, but apparently, according to Wikipedia, I had nothing to do with it, nor did Scripting News or UserLand.”

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Browse The NYT By Subject

Dave’s new tool is incredible. If you read certain sections of the New York Times and that still doesn’t drill it down enough for you, check it out. Ooh, and there’s an OPML feed.

Scoble says: “[T]he problem is that most people won’t understand this cause it looks too simple.”

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Hey Dave, Over Here!

Dave Winer – “The metadata is generated by librarians, and we don’t as yet have our own librarians in the blogosphere (though some might disagree).”

Dave used NYT taxonomy to create a list of popular keywords and phrases used behind their articles. The list is updated once an hour.

Dave’s a great guy. I had dinner with him once at this great Greek restaurant in Queens. That’s when I was at PubSub and was hanging out more with the tech community. Now, I’m back to hanging with lawyers.

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Connections and Stats

Dave Winer – “Ultimately what matters to me is not how many people subscribe to my feed, rather how much of a connection I can make with the people I want to connect with.”

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Not Your Blog

Dave Winer – “I decide what belongs on this blog”

Good for you Dave.

I’ve been involved a bunch of ethical decisions lately. The one thing I’ve learned is, don’t let anyone define what your ethical lines should be.

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