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Libraries Launches Texas Data Repository in Support of Campus Research

“The University of Texas Libraries announces the launch of the Texas Data Repository (TDR), a new option for publishing and archiving datasets and other digital data products developed or used in support of research activities at the University of Texas at Austin.TDR complements Texas ScholarWorks, a digital repository that was established by the Libraries to provide open, online access to the products of the University’s research and scholarship and to preserve those works for future generations.” (via University of Texas Libraries)

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Libraries and archives fear Feds may press them for more user data

“Chalk up another group concerned about privacy and data security issues: libraries and archives.This week, the San Francisco-based Internet Archive announced a drive to raise $5 million to set up a mirror repository of the entire internet and place it in Canada for safety.It turns out the nonprofit Internet Archive isn’t alone in taking action.” (via The Kansas City Star)

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What’s the Dirt?

“Looking for a tool (preferably free and easy to use) for a scholarly project?  Maybe you need to clean up, model, or interpret data. Perhaps you are looking at ways to visualize information, or you have a large number of audio files that you have to transcribe. Building a website for your project? Trying to learn how to program? Look no further, here’s DiRT, Digital Research Tools.” (via The Sheridan Libraries Blog)

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MIT’s new visualization tool is a goldmine for data nerds

“Love impressing your pals with all there is to know about computer science? Or perhaps state geography is more your thing? MIT Media Lab, in partnership with Deloitte and the data visualization startup Datawheel, has just gone live with perhaps the most extensive tool ever created for mining and visualizing US government open data, called Data USA.” (via The Next Web)

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Who Is in Control of Your Library’s Data?

“At the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle, the American Library Association staged “Library 21,” featuring a wall-to-wall UNIVAC computer that assisted a librarian in answering queries submitted by fairgoers. The exhibit presaged the anxiety felt in the library community today: Computers are better stewards of information than librarians. Today, some libraries are (unsuccessfully?) advocating for a bookless future. To many, that prospect seems bizarre, even sacrilegious. But hand-wringing over this possible change detracts from a more important question about the future of libraries: From accessing online card catalogs to viewing e-books, from reserving and using a computer terminal to receiving reading recommendations based on lending habits, patrons transmit potentially sensitive digital information to and through libraries’ information infrastructures.” (via Slate)

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