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E–reader disappearances put stop to Palmer library lending

“File this story under “crime in trusting small-town Alaska.” Palmer’s public library used to let patrons check out a small selection of $259 e-readers. Then, earlier this spring, a few patrons stopped returning them. Three of the library’s six book-downloading tablets have vanished. The library knows who checked out the two Kindle Fires and a Nook Color, library director Beth Skow said recently. “Now those patrons, their emails don’t work, their phones don’t work and their addresses don’t work,” Skow said. “It’s very, very sad. A few ruin it for the rest.” (via ADN.com)

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Sacramento Library Gets Restitution Check from Embezzlement Case

“The Sacramento Public Library will be getting a check for nearly a half million dollars – not in donations, but in restitution. It all stems from two years ago, when two former employees embezzled close to $800,000 from the library. The district attorney office says it was a devised strategic plan. Dennis Nilsson, once the facilities supervisor, and James Mayle, the former head of security for the library, along with his wife Janie created a fictional shell company to oversee maintenance service for the library, the DA says. (via KTXL FOX40)

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Stolen US historical documents returned to owners

“At a table in the library of the Maryland Historical Society, an investigator with the National Archives pulls file folder after file folder from a cardboard box and hands them to library director Patricia Dockman Anderson. An FBI agent sits nearby. Item No. 451: an invitation to meet Vice President Hubert Humphrey in Hawaii in 1966. Item No. 1695: a ticket stub to the 1912 Democratic National Convention. Item No. 1332: a program linked to President Abraham Lincoln’s 1865 funeral. Until recently, the documents were evidence, some of the more than 10,000 items seized in a massive theft investigation that ensnared a well-known collector of presidential memorabilia and his assistant. This week, however, they were returned to the society to become again pieces of history available to researchers.” (via AP)

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Counterfeit bills at public library trigger new screening policy

Houston Chronicle – “While on its mission to provide free information, the Houston Public Library has to swat at the occasional counterfeiter. At each of the library’s 42 locations, equipment at the circulation desk includes a counterfeit detector pen. Widely available at office supply stores, the pen contains a solution that detects bills printed on common copier paper rather than the cotton-and-linen-fiber paper the U.S. government uses. When a librarian marks a bill with the pen and the mark turns black, that means the bill is bogus. If the mark turns yellow or remains clear, the money is good.”

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CARLSBAD: Cache of stolen library books found, woman arrested

North County Times – “Police recovered thousands of stolen library books and DVDs and arrested the 44-year-old woman who had them at her home, Carlsbad police said Wednesday. Maria Nater of Vista was booked into Vista jail Tuesday night on suspicion of receiving stolen property, according to San Diego County Sheriff’s Department records.”

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Diane Cherry: Closing Cobb’s libraries a threat to public safety

Marietta Daily Journal – “Public safety begins with our teens who we can either educate and give opportunities to or deal with out on the streets. The same is true for the unemployed and homeless friends, neighbors and former co-workers who have touched every one of us. They need the libraries now more than they ever did. If we close libraries, we are shutting the doors on the people who need us most – a very real threat to public safety – as economic desperation often leads to crime and public unrest.”

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Police recover dozens of DVDs, games taken from UI library

News-Gazette.com – “University of Illinois police on Thursday recovered about 100 DVDs and video games stolen from the University of Illinois Undergraduate Library from the apartment of two Champaign women charged with stealing them. Laura Cordova, 21, a UI student, and Victoria Lopez, 21, who both listed addresses in the 300 block of West Springfield Avenue, were arraigned Friday in Champaign County Circuit Court on felony charges of burglary and theft. Lopez was also charged with misuse of a credit card.”

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Wannabe playboy gets prison term for possession of stolen Shakespeare plays

AP – “An unemployed book dealer who paraded as a wealthy playboy was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison for possessing a stolen first edition of Shakespeare’s plays, a rare volume described as a “quintessentially English treasure.” Last month, a jury cleared Raymond Scott, 53, of stealing the First Folio but convicted him of handling stolen goods.”

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Flashy book dealer in limo for Shakespeare trial

AP – “A flashy British book dealer accused of stealing a rare first edition of Shakespeare’s plays appeared for trial Wednesday in a silver limousine, sporting a Panama hat and flashing victory signs at reporters.”

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Idaho woman suspect in library condiment vandalism

AP – “Authorities say a 74-year-old Boise woman arrested after pouring mayonnaise in the Ada County library’s book drop box is a person of interest in at least 10 other condiment-related crimes.”

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