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Pa. high court: Save records of judicial scandal

Associated Press – “The state Supreme Court bowed to pressure and abandoned its plan to destroy the records of thousands of juveniles who appeared before a corrupt judge between 2003 and 2008.”

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Woman sent to jail for texting in court

Sentencing Law and Policy – “This local story from Utah, which carried the headline that is the title of this post, ought to get technology fans and First Amendment gurus all worked up”

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Future Trends in State Courts

Lots of great articles listed in this annual report. (via)

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Privacy in the Court

beSpacific has the details on some new federal court rules.

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Unpublished Doesn’t Mean Bad Law

Michael Doyle – “The 19-year-old restaurant worker is suing the California Supreme Court to reverse its practice of largely ignoring unpublished court opinions. In California, these opinions disposing of routine cases can’t be cited as precedent. They also become difficult to appeal.” (via)

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Federal Court Decisions Back to 2004…For Free!

Yowza, this just made my day. Thanks to Tim Stanley, the guy who runs Justia.

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Online Court Documents

Robert Schwaneberg – “While the federal courts continue to expand their online offerings, however, state court systems are dragging their feet. One reason is the cost of converting millions of pieces of paper into electronic forms. Another is the fear court records contain personal details that, when laid out on the Web for anyone to see, could be used to steal someone’s identity or invade their privacy.” (via)

See also: Jersey studying what to make public

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