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5 reasons the corporate workplace needs librarians

“Huge numbers of library and information professionals work in the corporate sector. Instead of supplying information services to students, children or the general public, we use our skills to help office workers, lawyers, bankers, civil servants and charity workers to find the information they need to do their jobs. Technology and changing attitudes towards information have affected us in the same ways as they have in other sectors, but we have had the additional burden of always being seen as an adjunct to the main business, an overhead rather than a source of income.” (via CILIP)

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Want to Be a Corporate Archivist? It Sure Helps to Be a Pack Rat

Mike Bullington, senior archives manager for McDonald’s Corpis a connoisseur of fast-food artifacts. At work, he’s surrounded by bags and packaging from years past. His cubicle holds a purse woven from Big Mac wrappers, a gift from a former chairman’s wife, and a Ronald McDonald fashioned from Legos, turned in by a McDonald’s franchisee. But the prize he treasures most recalls a menu item that had a brief stint in restaurants: Onion Nuggets, a precursor of sorts to Chicken McNuggets. “Not many people have seen them, even within the company,” says Mr. Bullington. The packaging, he says, is a “hidden gem.”

via WSJ

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