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Cornell Library to Expand Research Materials Through Partnership

“In an effort to grow their partnership with ProQuest, Cornell’s library is currently expanding its use of ProQuest’s Online Acquisitions and Selection Information System, or OASIS, software in order to broaden access to print, electronic and research titles. The online platform for finding and ordering print and electronic titles includes customized selection features based on the research interests of the University, according to Jesse Koennecke, director of acquisitions and e-resource licensing services.” (via Cornell Daily Sun)

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Cornell University Library and ProQuest Team Up for Faster, More Efficient Book Selection and Acquisition

“ProQuest is working with Cornell University Library to develop a dynamic book-selection system that will aggregate metadata from multiple sources into a single streamlined interface. This will enable highly efficient selection and acquisitions workflows. The custom interface is part of a new agreement in which Cornell University Library will use ProQuest as the primary source for its English-language print books, a significant expansion of Cornell University Library’s long-standing relationship with Coutts Information Services for print and ebook Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) programs.” (via Proquest)

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Columbia and Cornell Libraries Receive Mellon Grant for Expanding E-Journal Preservation

“The project, a joint undertaking of the partnership between the libraries of Columbia and Cornell known as 2CUL, will identify priority content from the perspective of the research library community and make significant progress towards increasing the number of e-journals archived by major preservation programs. Both Columbia and Cornell hold the preservation of, and continuity of access to, knowledge and culture as a core aspect of their mission, and they bring to the work a wealth of experience and substantial resources.” (via IFLA)

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Witchery on the silver screen

“New additions to the library’s Witchcraft Collection will make their public debut in the Straight next week: historical witchcraft movie posters from 1937 to 2013. In conjunction with Cornell Cinema, the library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections will display a selection of the newly acquired posters in Willard Straight Hall, before screenings of “War Witch” and “I Married a Witch” Thursday, Sept. 26. “Witchcraft is not only a minor or marginal topic for dodgy B-movies, cheap comedies, or erotic horror, after all – even though these subgenres are well-represented,” says curator Laurent Ferri.” (via Cornell Chronicle)

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Cornell Fine Arts Library Set to Expand With $6-Million Gift

“The Fine Arts Library at Cornell will be expanded thanks to a $6-million gift from architect Mui Ho ’62, B. Arch ’66.  Though sketches of the planned expansion have not yet been drawn, the gift will transform the Fine Arts Library into a “state-of-the-art” research center, study space and archive of visual resources, according to Kent Kleinman, dean of the College of Architecture, Art and Planning. “We have a vision of a modern and important arts library that will be a place for students to congregate. It’s an ambitious plan, but we are determined to do it right and make it a wonderful place to study,” Kleinman said.” (via The Cornell Daily Sun)

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Library-faculty collaboration helps grad students conquer data

“Starting in graduate school, students begin compiling mountains of research data — but they often have no formal training in how to efficiently keep track of it, share it or organize it so that it can be preserved and used in the future. Sarah Wright, data librarian, and Cliff Kraft, associate professor of natural resources, aim to change that.

Through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Wright and Kraft are teaching a course to help graduate students learn to manage their data. Kraft, Wright and Camille Andrews, learning technologies and assessment librarian, make up Cornell’s component of the IMLS collaboration, which also includes Purdue University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Oregon.”

via Cornell Graduate School

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Mellon Grant to fund collaboration between Columbia and Cornell libraries

“Columbia and Cornell libraries are collaborating to create a more efficient way for scholars to access academic resources. Cornell University Library announced last week that the two university libraries would integrate their technical services departments with the help of a $350,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The integration represents the latest step in the libraries’ 2CUL partnership.”

via Columbia Daily Spectator

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Cornell brings nature inside libraries

“The grass is always greener, and now so are two of Cornell University’s libraries. Students from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis have installed small lawns in the lobbies of Olin and Mann libraries, as well as Duffield Hall and the Physical Sciences Building. The grass is surrounded by potted plants and chairs and, in at least one spot, a plastic caution sign warning students to beware of snakes.”

via Star-Gazette

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New Law Library Head Adapts to Change

Cornell Daily Sun – “Femi Cadmus was appointed head of the Law School Library and associate dean for Library Services this August. She said that as libraries nationwide face an uncertain future she is not afraid to adapt to a digital age. “My vision is for a transformative, innovative, forward-thinking, library. I’m not afraid to try new things,” Cadmus said. “With the shift to digital collections and reliance on technology, we, as librarians, need to stay relevant, be adaptable and explore new avenues.” Cadmus comes to Cornell from the Yale Law School, where she was Associate Director for Administration and a Lecturer in Legal Research.”

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Cornell and Columbia Prepare for Library Collaboration

Cornell Daily Sun – “Last Monday, Cornell and Columbia University announced “2CUL” — a collaborative program between the two libraries involving their collections, digital infrastructure and administrative functions. In the face of budget constraints and an ever-evolving system of accessing academic material, 2CUL — pronounced “too cool,” an acronym for both Cornell University Library and Columbia University Library — is a partnership intended to cut costs and aid their students research endeavours. The program is not a merger.”

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