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Online books and copyright law

WP Op-Ed – “GOOGLE BOOKS is a dream project — a vast online database of millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide. It would be a library and a bookstore, a compendium of everything written.”

But from the start it has raised difficult questions about who should profit. If every book ever written could be found online, readers and researchers would benefit. But what about authors and publishers or, as they are known these days, “content creators”? What part should they play?”

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Kindle e-book piracy accelerates

David Carnoy– “Several months ago I set up a Google alert for my book, “Knife Music,” to keep abreast of anything anybody was saying–good or bad–about the thing. Over the months I’ve received news of the occasional blog post and tweets, but more recently I popped open an alert to learn that my book was being pirated–both as a separate file and part of two larger Torrents called 2,500 Retail Quality Ebooks (iPod, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader) and 2,500 Retail Quality Ebooks for Kindle (MOBI).I had the strange reaction of being both dismayed and weirdly honored that someone had selected my book to strip free of its copy-protection (DRM) and include as part of a collection of “quality” e-books, many of which were from very good authors.”

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Copyright on Campus

This is so cute.

Stevie Wonder to UN: Ease copyrights for the blind

Associated Press – “Stevie Wonder pressed global copyright overseers on Monday to help blind and visually impaired people access millions of science, history and other audiobooks, which they cannot read in electronic form. The blind singer told the U.N.’s 184-nation World Intellectual Property Organization that more than 300 million people who “live in the dark” want to “read their way into light,” and the current copyright system denies them an equal opportunity.”

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Bigdough sues Goldman Sachs over copyright, data

Reuters – “The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York by Ipreo Holdings LLC, accused Goldman employees of 264 incidents of unauthorized access to the computer database in 2008 and 2009.”

Not a good time to be Goldman

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Consumers ‘confused by copyright’

BBC – “Consumers are confused by copyright laws that mean it is still illegal to copy a CD onto their computer, a watchdog says. Consumer Focus said that copyright law was outdated and millions of people were unaware they were breaking laws.

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Harry Potter Author Is Defendant in Plagiarism Suit

BusinessWeek – “J.K. Rowling, the world’s richest author, was added as a defendant in a U.K. lawsuit against her publishers alleging that she copied part of a children’s book in writing “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.” The estate of English author Adrian Jacobs alleges in the complaint that part of his 1987 book, “The Adventures of Willy the Wizard: No. 1 Livid Land,” was copied by Rowling. A year of wizard contests in the book was similar to a central theme of “The Goblet of Fire,” the estate says, according to a statement it issued today on PR Newswire issued today.”

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EFF, library groups argue against Autodesk appeal

ITWorld – “The Electronic Frontier Foundation, along with several other groups including the American Library Association, urged an appeals court to uphold a ruling in a long-running suit related to secondhand software sales. The groups say that if the ruling is overturned, secondhand sales of copyright items including books and CDs could become illegal.”

More here, including a copy of the brief.

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Amazon’s Kindle has copyright protection hacked

BBC – “An Israeli hacker claims to have broken the copyright protection on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, reports say. The hack will allow the ebooks stored on the reader to be transferred as pdf files to any other device.”

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