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Harry Potter Author Is Defendant in Plagiarism Suit

BusinessWeek – “J.K. Rowling, the world’s richest author, was added as a defendant in a U.K. lawsuit against her publishers alleging that she copied part of a children’s book in writing “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.” The estate of English author Adrian Jacobs alleges in the complaint that part of his 1987 book, “The Adventures of Willy the Wizard: No. 1 Livid Land,” was copied by Rowling. A year of wizard contests in the book was similar to a central theme of “The Goblet of Fire,” the estate says, according to a statement it issued today on PR Newswire issued today.”

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EFF, library groups argue against Autodesk appeal

ITWorld – “The Electronic Frontier Foundation, along with several other groups including the American Library Association, urged an appeals court to uphold a ruling in a long-running suit related to secondhand software sales. The groups say that if the ruling is overturned, secondhand sales of copyright items including books and CDs could become illegal.”

More here, including a copy of the brief.

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Amazon’s Kindle has copyright protection hacked

BBC – “An Israeli hacker claims to have broken the copyright protection on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, reports say. The hack will allow the ebooks stored on the reader to be transferred as pdf files to any other device.”

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Web giants unite against Digital Britain copyright bill

BBC – “Some of the biggest names on the web have written to Peter Mandelson to express “grave concerns” about elements of the Digital Economy Bill. Four firms including Facebook and Google object to clause 17 of the bill, which could give government the power to amend copyright law in the future.”

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Library Copyright Alliance releases issue briefs on international copyright and libraries

District Dispatch – “Written by Janice Pilch, Association of Research Libraries visiting program officer on international copyright and LCA international copyright advocate, the five issue briefs address key international legal and policy issues affecting libraries and the public. The papers outline strategic areas in which LCA is working to voice the concerns of the library community in the international arena, to promote copyright laws that provide the broadest possible use of information for creativity, research and education, and to advance fair and equitable access to information.”

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International Activists Launch New Website to Gather and Share Copyright Knowledge

EFF – “The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL.net), and other international copyright experts joined together today to launch Copyright Watch — a public website created to centralize resources on national copyright laws.”

Direct to the site

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Crusade for copyright-free literacy

Toronto Star – “Writer, blogger and lifelong rabblerouser Cory Doctorow champions the sharing of intellectual property…[and]…will have mixed feelings when the news reaches him that employees of the Toronto Public Library system will not be on strike this week.”

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Google seeks to turn a profit from YouTube copyright clashes

Telegraph – “Group is working to persuade music and video companies to cash in rather than clamp down when their content is uploaded”

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Chinese paper accuses Google of hampering searches

AP – “Google Inc. faces a new controversy in China after a Web site run by the Communist Party’s main newspaper accused the U.S. search giant of trying to keep Internet users away following its reports on a copyright dispute.”

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70% oppose internet ban for filesharers, poll shows

Guardian – “Plans to force internet service providers (ISPs) to disconnect suspected illegal downloaders have been roundly rejected in a new YouGov poll, the first time public opinion has been tested on the issue.”

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