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Libraries retain more than $1.3 billion in federal funding in massive spending bill passed by Congress

“Libraries retained over a billion dollars in federal funding for library-related programs in a stopgap funding package passed by Congress on December 9 to avoid a midnight shutdown of the federal government. The continuing resolution that cleared Friday by the Senate following Thursday’s House approval will allow spending by all arms of the federal government to continue at or near FY2016 levels through April 28, 2017. The President signed the resolution Saturday.” (via ALA)

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New Features Added to Congress.gov Based On Your Feedback

“Since the unveiling of Congress.gov in September of 2012, we have been constantly adding new features with each release, and many of the features in this release are based directly on your feedback.” (via loc.gov)

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As Senate begins debating education bill, happy words and better libraries

“Senators began work in earnest Wednesday on a bipartisan bill to replace No Child Left Behind by congratulating themselves on finally taking up legislation that is eight years overdue, and then unanimously passing an amendment to support school libraries. That comity is likely to yield to more vigorous debate in the days ahead, but for the moment, the Senate was filled with kind words and cooperation.” (Via Washington Post)

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Congressional Research Belongs to the Public

“In Washington, the reports have become commodities traded and sold by policy wonks. Every day, the Congressional Research Service, a little-known government agency attached to the Library of Congress, churns out papers on issues as varied as the defense budget, the farm bill and nuclear weapons. They’re not classified. They’re nonpartisan. And unlike many government reports, they’re fairly easy to understand. Yet it’s hard for most people to get copies of reports produced by the Congressional Research Service, which operates as an in-house think-tank for lawmakers. That is absurd. (via NYT)

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New: Use GovTrack to Call Congress

“Petitioning our government is not only a right but a responsibility. Now on GovTrack we’ll walk you through how to call Congress about bills you have an opinion on. Look for the new “Call Congress!” buttons on all bill pages on GovTrack. When you click Call Congress, we’ll ask if you support or oppose the bill, and then we’ll give you a script you can read from — if you want — when calling Congress so that your call is effective. And, to make the call really easy, we’ll call you.  You enter your phone number, we call you, and then automatically your call is patched into the office of your representative. Right now we’re only able to have you call your representative in the House, but we’ll add the ability to call senators soon.” (via GovTrack.us Blog)

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