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Legislation Email Alerts on Congress.gov

“Moving from a 20-year-old system to our new, modern Congress.gov platform has many advantages. One of these is that, starting today, email alerts are available on Congress.gov.  There are three different types of alerts in this initial release: Member of Congress, legislation, and the Congressional Record.  Bill and member alerts were an often-requested feature on THOMAS and I’m excited that we are now able to fulfill those requests in the new system.” (via In Custodia Legis)

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Congress.gov Adds New Features

“Congress.gov, the official source for federal legislative information online, this week added new features including an option to save searches and search Congressional Record proceedings by speaker.” (via Library of Congress)

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The State of Congress.gov at the 2013 Legislative Data Conference

“We have several more releases planned, including enhancements to both data coverage and functionality.  During the next few months we will extend the currently available data sets back to the 104th Congress, and will add Committee profile pages and indexed text of congressional reports back through the 104th Congress.  The next step will be to extend the core legislative data back to the 93rd Congress.  We also plan a release that focuses on improvements to the visual design and information architecture, based on usability testing that was conducted this spring.  Future releases will further enhance the search features, and begin implementation of an alerts framework.” (via In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress)

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Six Months of Congress.gov

“It has been six months since we introduced Congress.gov. During that time we’ve been busy working to develop the beta into a full system. The first update after the September launch was in October when we made searching variants of citations easier. In November we continued to revise Congress.gov. With the start of the 113th Congress in early January, we updated the beta system for the transition. The major enhancement to the system came toward the end of January when we added the Congressional Record. Throughout the six months, Pam and Judy have offered webinars and in person training to introduce users to Congress.gov.” (via Law Librarians of Congress)

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