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Librarians Converge On Boston To Bring Libraries Into The Future

“Thousand of library professionals from around the country swelled the population of Boston in recent days as the American Library Association (ALA) held their 2016 Midwinter Meeting here. For four days, they gathered at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to attend workshops, listen to speakers, chat with publishers and talk shop. So, what happens when so many librarians gather in one spot? I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from this annual conference, but I am sure it was not what I was seeing as I rode the escalator down to the enormous, gleaming exhibition hall on the Boston waterfront.” (via WGBH News)

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At research library conference, speakers push for advocacy

“University libraries need to advocate for government openness and electronic record keeping, speakers during the Association of Research Libraries fall membership conference implored on Wednesday, or risk the digital landscape’s becoming a “digital landfill.” The call to action emerged from a day during which members of the association debated how libraries should involve themselves in producing accessible digital resources, managing institutional data and supporting campus innovation. Speakers, among them archivists, legal experts, federal workers and university librarians, urged a more proactive role that included advocacy beyond the boundaries of their institutions.” (via @insidehighered)

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Libraries swapping stacks for bytes

“The dig­i­ti­za­tion of col­lec­tions from Amer­ican libraries, archives, and museums took center stage at Blackman Audi­to­rium last week, when North­eastern co-??hosted the inau­gural DPLAfest to rec­og­nize the Dig­ital Public Library of America. DPLAfest was co-??hosted by the DPLA, the Boston Public Library, the Col­lege of Social Sci­ences and Human­i­ties, and Sim­mons College’s Grad­uate School of Library and Infor­ma­tion Science. Launched in April, DPLA strives to bring dig­i­tized ver­sions of col­lec­tions from uni­ver­si­ties (including North­eastern), libraries, and public orga­ni­za­tions to the masses in a single online portal. To date, the online library has dig­i­tized 5 mil­lion books, works of art, and records of America’s her­itage from 1,100 insti­tu­tions across the country.” (via News @ Northeastern)

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Lit Fest holds on to that printed feeling

“As obvious as this may sound at first, the 28th annual Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest, which concluded Sunday afternoon and drew an estimated 130,000 attendees and 200 authors to the South Loop on a sweltering, cloudless weekend, was not the kind of thing you could call up on a Kindle. It’s a telling paradox about book fairs: Even as the publishing industry marches toward a digital future, festivals like Printers Row, Washington’s National Book Festival (Sept. 22-23) and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (every April) continue to be large, bustling reminders of how much of the publishing world is still tangible — defiantly so.

via Chicago Tribune

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Book Report – A dispatch from the 2012 Public Library Association conference

The Smart Set – “Libraries are in crisis. Right? I mean, that is all we hear. All around the nation, budgets are being slashed, hours shortened, librarians laid off. And on top of that we have e-books… doing something. God dammit, e-books. You are always ruining everything. What is the future of the library, in a world of the financial crisis, where all inessential services are being slashed in city budgets — inessential services ranging from health care for the poor to libraries to a large chunk of Camden, New Jersey’s police force — in ineffective austerity measures? My infallible editor sent me to the 2012 Public Library Association conference in Philadelphia to find out.”

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Library Faire

Steve Lawson – “Imagine showing up for a Library Faire (we probably couldn’t actually call it that given the whole O’Reilly “Web 2.0” trademark thing a few years back, but bear with me) and instead of sitting in sessions or chatting up vendors while scouting out the best schwag, you’d sit down in a booth or workshop with other librarians and create something that you could bring home”

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On Conferences

Fred Oliveira – We need conferences by people who deeply care about other people, and not necessarily about the monetary outcome of the event (although I certainly understand conference organizers need to at the least, cover expenses). Finally, we need crafted conferences to overtake the crappy ones we have now.”

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More Non-Librarians at Library Conferences

Brett Bonfield – “it’s time we use the pulling power of speaking to thousands of librarians (not to mention the larger budgets for the bigger events) to bring in people who are setting the tone for the non-library information community.”

Ellyssa Kroski has put together a dynamite session for CIL 2008 that is filled with professionals outside of the library profession doing really cool stuff. It’s going to blow your mind. Please join us in April.

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Griffey on Librar* Conferences

Jason Griffey – “After returning from Internet Librarian, I’ve been thinking a lot about conference models and how the ALA and library conferences in general need to change in order to survive the next 5-10 years.”

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Praying for Unconferening

Ryan Deschamps – “[M]y main motivation for attending conferences is to see the faces of the people who I have IM’d before.”

I find that most learning happens outside the presentations anyway. I learned during lunch, the exhibit hall, dinner appointments, receptions, luncheons, etc. And then I realized that sessions were going on in between those events. 🙂

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