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Is there any value in blogging when you get no comments?

Christina’s LIS Rant – “[F]rom the earliest days of blogs there have been pronouncements that you need to post so many times per time period (once a day? three times a week? no less than 4 times per month?) and do all other sorts of things to build and grow readership. Some people do all sorts of stunts to get readers. Likewise, there are all sorts of pronouncements (and in another place this week) that you have to have comments and trackbacks to have community and without communities blogs are pointless.”

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More on Blog Comments

To cut down on spam comments, I have decided to close comments after a post has been active for 90 days. It’s a very rare occasion that I get a comment on a story after 3 months.

The folks in the IT department at ITI installed a WordPress plug-in called Comment Timeout, which seems to work well.

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UK Site Must Reveal Anonymous Commenters Identity

Clare Dyer – “Disgruntled fans of Sheffield Wednesday who vented their dissatisfaction with the football club’s bigwigs in anonymous internet postings may face expensive libel claims after the chairman, chief executive and five directors won a high-court ruling last week forcing the owner of a website to reveal their identity.”

Scary stuff.

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More on Blog Comments

Ann Althouse – “I love starting something.”

Ann takes the best pictures of Manhattan. For that fact alone, it’s worth it to read her blog. This post is another.

After much internal discussion (between me, myself, and I), I have decided to leave comments open for the time being. I don’t get THAT many, but, then again, I don’t pontificate as much as I used to.

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And I Thought Comments Were Dead

Read/Write/Web – “Fav.or.it is a full-featured browser-based RSS Reader, similar to Google Reader. But the main highlight of the service will be integrated commenting, or “full cycle feed reading” as the company refers to it.”


On second thought, comments are still dead. 🙂

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