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How Libraries are Making Comic Conventions Accessible

“Last year, John Keithley, who runs Mystery House Comics, met a young boy in a samurai rabbit costume at a comic convention.”Oh, you’re dressed as Usagi Yojimbo,” Keithley said, instantly recognizing a character created by Stan Sakai.The boy’s mother leaned in. “He wrote a letter to Stan,” she said. “Could you get it to him?”If this were San Diego Comic Con, or one of the other expensive, multi-day behemoth conventions that have taken over the comic con industry, that request would have been typical—and drowned out among the din of thousands of other passionate comics geeks. But it wasn’t, and that young samurai didn’t need to travel to San Diego to make it. This was the annual Boise Library Comic Con, which draws nearly 10,000 Idahoans with artist tables, panels, and cosplay.” (via Vice)

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“There is a place where Snoopy frolics carefree with the scandalous Yellow Kid, where Pogo the possum philosophizes alongside Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a place where Beetle Bailey loafs with Garfield the cat, while Krazy Kat takes another brick to the noggin, and brooding heroes battle dark forces on the pages of fat graphic novels. That doesn’t even begin to describe everything that’s going on behind the walls of the new Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum on the Ohio State University campus, opening to the public Saturday.” (via The Associated Press)


Comics Go Digital in the DC World

Artists say future of comics is online

San Diego Daily Transcript – Like many industries today, the future for comic book artists is on the Web, according to a Law & Comics panel hosted by the San Diego Law Library Monday. Artists who create and copyright their own work can succeed by cultivating a loyal online fan base, but they shouldn’t necessarily quit their day jobs, the panelists agreed. “The digital world is opening up a whole new vista for cartoonists, comic book artists and the medium, and it’s very exciting,” said Batton Lash, creator of the humor/horror series “Supernatural Law.”

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Comic book collector learns fine art of letting go

Associated Press – “Jose Alaniz spent about a week sorting and packing each comic book – carefully, lovingly. There were 12 boxes of them, comics he’d collected since his mother bought him his first one at age 6. He took time to look through them all. The Defenders. The Incredible Hulk. The Mighty Thor. Spider-Man. Each of them, even the bad ones, meant something to him. And now here he was, preparing to let them go to the special collections at the University of Washington libraries.”

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