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Unlimited comics, now on Scribd

“That’s right. We’re excited/proud/jumping out of our seats to announce that we’ve just added more than ten thousand comics and graphic novels to our library, including titles from Marvel, IDW/Top Shelf, Valiant, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, Archie, and more.” (via The Scribd Blog)

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Marvel Offers 700 Free Digital Issues, Announces Weekly Comics for Mobile

“What will comic books look like in the future? It’s difficult to say whether anyone knows the answer to that question yet, but Marvel Entertainment continues to explore the possibilities — and reach out to new readers — with a three-pronged digital initiative it announced at SXSW. Until late Tuesday night, you can download 700 different #1 comics for free as digital issues in the Marvel Comics app. Also, Marvel will be releasing weekly content in the Infinite Comics format specifically designed for mobile devices. Finally, the publisher will add adaptive audio soundtracks to its digital comics through an initiative called Project Gamma.”

via Wired.com

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Columbia University Libraries Expands Support for Research in Comics and Graphic Novels

“Columbia University’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library (RBML) is pleased to announce the acquisition of two significant additions to its Comics and Graphic Novels collections:  research materials for Larry Tye’s well-received 2012 book, Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Superhero, as well as six 1940’s Batman scripts from the estate of Jerry Robinson.”

via Columbia University Libraries

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Reading With Pictures: The Graphic Textbook

Wired – “I’m going to assume you’ve already heard the argument that comics are a great way to teach literacy, and not re-hash that here. Comics are also a pretty good way to teach other things as well: it’s a very blurry line between comics and instructional diagrams, for instance. The combination of words and pictures is something that just clicks for many readers, particularly when it’s done well. Reading With Pictures is a non-profit organization that aims to “get comics into schools and get schools into comics.” Tom Stillwell wrote about their first anthology last year, which covered a variety of subjects as their proof of concept, and was very well-received. Now, RWP is seeking funding on Kickstarter for The Graphic Textbook, a 144-page comics anthology covering Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Science — all drawn from a list of common core standards. Their hope is to weave comics-based learning into virtually every subject by producing a book that can actually be used as a textbook, and not simply a literacy aid.”

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Comic-book bonanza: Donor gives UofL library a pop-culture treasure-trove

Courier Journal – “Dick Wilson was a grade-school Army brat kicking around Japan when he bought his first comic book, a used Superman title that he got from a fellow brat for half off the cover price: a nickel instead of a dime. “I still remember that cover,” said Wilson, 59, a Louisville native. “The book is long gone, though.”

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The case for comic books

The State – “It’s Monday morning in a classroom at USC. A small group of students is talking about the latest movie to open over the weekend. “I just can’t help but be critical if it doesn’t stay true to the story,” says a student from two rows back. “Whether something stays true to the book or not doesn’t bother me,” chimes in another before the professor calls the class to order

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