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Envisioning a Colorado Haven for Readers, Nestled Amid Mountains of Books

“The project is striking in its ambition: a sprawling research institution situated on a ranch at 10,000 feet above sea level, outfitted with 32,000 volumes, many of them about the Rocky Mountain region, plus artists’ studios, dormitories and a dining hall — a place for academics, birders, hikers and others to study and savor the West. It is the sort of endeavor undertaken by a deep-pocketed politician or chief executive, perhaps a Bloomberg or a Buffett. But the project, called the Rocky Mountain Land Library, has instead two booksellers as its founders.” (via NYTimes.com)

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CU-Boulder libraries ‘treading water’ in face of annual subscription price increases

“Every spring, Dean Jim Williams holds his breath and hopes that the University of Colorado will provide the Boulder campus libraries with an “inflation fighter,” or a budget increase to offset the dramatic cost increases for academic journals and other subscription-based publications. This year is no different. As the Boulder campus prepares to make its budget recommendation to the Board of Regents this week, Williams and other library administrators will be waiting to see how many journal subscriptions they’ll need to cut next year—even with a funding increase.” (via Colorado Daily)

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Boulder police begin patrolling library to address criminal activity, disruptive behavior

“Boulder police officers this week began patrolling the city’s main library branch to help address a recent increase in reports of criminal activity and disruptive behaviors among patrons. The library, 1001 Arapahoe Ave., has full-time security officers who enforce library rules and deal with behavioral issues. But this winter, illegal behaviors and disruptive incidents have required police and paramedics to respond to the library, sometimes multiple times per day. There were 53 reported incidents and 13 suspensions in December, a significant increase from past months, said David Farnan, library and arts director.” (via The Denver Post)

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Rocky Mountain Gun Owners vs. small town library?

“It’s shaping up to be a small town showdown straight out of an old West tale: gun-rights group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is threatening to wage a legal battle on its own turf against the Clearview Library District in Windsor, where RMGO is also based.The dust-up was spurred when librarians asked mother Erika Sattler to leave the Windsor-Severance Library after another patron noticed Sattler’s concealed handgun. Librarians apparently advised Sattler that guns are prohibited at the library unless being carried by law enforcement. Sattler gathered up her children and departed, but while she may have lost the battle RMGO has rallied to help her win the war.” (via The Colorado Independent)

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Some Boulder residents just say no to big, red ‘Yes!’

“When Boulder announced this week that the word “Yes!” will be installed in tall, red, aluminum characters on the outside of the public library, those involved in selecting the piece praised it as “exhilarating,” “delightful” and “iconic.” But for many people, there’s only one thought Yes! calls to mind: No.

“There’s more to art than enthusiasm and crayons,” said Heather Perkins, a local writer and artist. “The color, the font — it doesn’t jibe with the rest of the library. It’s just ugly.” (via Boulder Daily Camera)

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Tussle Erupts Over Libraries In Northern Colorado

“Libraries are sedate and quiet — nothing like a tussle over control of a library system that has erupted in northern Colorado. This week, elected leaders from five Weld County towns and from the county commission agreed to move ahead with an effort to oust the entire High Plains Library District Board, which some librarians in rural parts of the county accuse of trying to take over their libraries. A sixth member of the tax district, the city of Greeley, has not joined the campaign.” (via AP)

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Open Access Movement Continues to Gain Steam

“From the tragic death of (Internet activist and digital wunderkind) Aaron Swartz to a recent CU-Boulder faculty resolution, new federal funding agency policy directives from the White House, and extensive international media coverage, the movement to provide open access to research and scholarship continues to build momentum and evolve at a rapid pace.

via Colorado University Libraries)

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Colorado Libraries Achieve Rich Integration With OverDrive APIs

“Over the past few months, we’ve been authorizing more and more developers with access to OverDrive APIs, enabling libraries and approved vendors to integrate OverDrive content into a wide range of apps and discovery platforms. Now we’re seeing the first evidence of OverDrive APIs in action. In October, two separate Colorado library systems—Marmot Library Network and Rangeview Library District—began integrating OverDrive-supplied content into OPAC search results. When patrons search for titles from the library’s OPAC, the results page returns eBooks and audiobooks alongside print books and other formats.”

via Overdrive.

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Boulder libraries to allow permit holders to carry guns

“A rule change that will allow concealed-weapon permit holders to bring their guns into Boulder’s public libraries received unanimous approval from the city’s library commission Wednesday night. The Boulder Public Library Commission discussed a new set of rules of conduct last month but heard several questions about rule No. 5, banning weapons inside library facilities. Assistant City Attorney Sandra Llanes then took another look at the rules, according to commission documents.”

via Boulder Daily Camera

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Interesting items Colorado Libraries check out to people!

An interesting list. Bones?!

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