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College recruiters are Twittering, too

USATODAYCollege admissions officials, keenly aware that their target audience grows more tech-savvy with every passing year, appear to be getting the hang of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. (via)

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Book numbers can be staggering at UI libraries

The Daily Iowan – At the Main Library, checkout-desk employees said they’ve seen people come in with bags, suitcases, and boxes stuffed with books to renew. “I’ve had people bring in, literally, more than 100 at once to renew,” said UI senior Jessi Phillips, who works at the circulation desk. But for some, 100 books is nothing.”

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Facebook or Facadebook?

ACRL LogFor the past three years or so, there has been on and off discussion of social networks on ili-l@ala.org. The thrust of these discussions has usually had to do with how academic libraries can exploit Facebook/MySpace/Whatever to connect with college students. It used to be that corporate entities couldn’t have presence on Facebook. You had to be a person. But, some of those restrictions now have workarounds of various types. A common thread with most of these discussions, including the one last week (4/20-4/24), was whether it is appropriate for ’authority figures’ to be on these social networks, and whether students welcome our presence in their playground.”

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Text Messaging Gone Wild at U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Wired Campus – “Many colleges have adopted text alerts as part of their emergency notification plans. That’s because text-messaging technology is very efficient at mobilizing large groups of people quickly. Unfortunately, that efficiency can have a dark side, as the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga discovered last night.”

Jason Griffey (who works there) is bookmarking relevant videos/news stories on delicious.

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Well, Duh!

Inside Higher Ed – “Stop the presses: Today’s college students are using more technology than ever.”

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