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Items from Hemingway’s Cuba home go to JFK Library

“A partnership between Cuba and a private U.S. foundation is working to preserve more of writer Ernest Hemingway’s papers and belongings that he left at his home near Havana when he died. U.S. Rep. James McGovern of Massachusetts and the Finca Vigia Foundation are scheduled to announce the digitization of 2,000 Hemingway papers and materials Monday. The digital copies will be transferred to Boston’s John F. Kennedy Library.” (via AP)

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Discover How NYPL Preserves its Collections and Be Inspired to Preserve Your Own!

“The American Library Association National Preservation Week is taking place between April 21–27, 2013. As part of this annual effort, NYPL is joining institutions across the country in highlighting the work of its own program as well as helping to inform the public about how to care for personal collections.” (via The New York Public Library)

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Nazi-Looted Books Spell Decades of Labor for Libraries

“Arthur Goldschmidt, a Leipzig dealer in animal feed and an exporter to South America, was more passionate about books than business. His private collection numbered 40,000 carefully indexed volumes and he engaged a librarian to take care of it. After the Nazis seized power in 1933, Goldschmidt was persecuted as a Jew; his assets were liquidated and his company confiscated. For survival, he sold his treasured collection of 2,000 almanacs — spanning three centuries — for a pittance to the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar. He fled in 1938. His grandson Tomas Goldschmidt, who was a toddler when Arthur died in poverty in Bolivia in 1951, had no idea the collection had survived until he was contacted by the London- based Commission for Looted Art in Europe — 70 years after his grandfather’s escape. The commission traced him at the request of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar.” (via Businessweek)

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University of Florida and the University of Miami libraries collaborate to establish a shared collection

“The University of Florida and the University of Miami have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create the Collaborative Academic Library Collection, a shared collection that will be housed in Gainesville for long-term preservation and retention of low use or duplicate library materials. This new partnership between Florida’s largest public and private academic research libraries will benefit students, faculty and researchers at both universities. The catalogs and finding aids for both universities will include the records for the shared collection.”

via University of Florida

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NY man to be sentenced for rare document thefts

“A presidential memorabilia collector who has acknowledged stealing thousands of rare and valuable documents from historical societies and archives nationwide was set to be sentenced Wednesday in federal court. Barry Landau was caught stealing documents from the Maryland Historical Society in July 2011. A subsequent investigation concluded Landau, 64, or New York, stole at least 4,000 documents worth more than $1 million from archives around the country.”

via AP

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Penn Libraries blog takes collections off the shelves

Penn Current – “Libraries hold treasures. Yet not everyone has the time or opportunity to stroll regularly through the stacks to uncover these buried gems. That is why Penn Libraries has launched a new blog called Unique at Penn that brings those discoveries off the shelves. With posts that describe, depict, and provide historical context for unusual books and manuscripts, the blog allows internet users to easily engage with the undiscovered and under-discovered collections within the University’s library system.”

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In a Flood Tide of Digital Data, an Ark Full of Books

NYT – “The Physical Archive of the Internet Archive hopes to eventually collect 10 million items, and it has started taking in films as well.”

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Should libraries be in the video business?

Toronto Star – “Allan Tong has a more particular reason than most for availing himself of DVDs distributed through the Toronto Public Library. The Toronto documentary filmmaker is leaving for Sierra Leone next week to make a film about amputee soccer players. As background, he recently borrowed a copy of Murderball, a 2005 documentary about wheelchair rugby. “If there’s something obscure that I need to watch, it helps me with my research,” he says, after returning the DVD to the St. Lawrence branch on Front St. E. Vested interest aside, Tong is nonplussed by recent comments from Toronto budget chief Mike Del Grande that the public library system should not be in the business of duplicating services available at video stores.”

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Palos Park Librarian Is a Barbie Girl At Heart

Palos Patch – “Belinda Bylina has lost track of exactly how many Barbies she owns. Her collection is large enough to fill two rooms in her home, and she estimates her dolls hover around 1,000 strong. When Bylina, the youth librarian at Palos Park Public Library, was a child she had a habit of losing her Barbies’ shoes. She didn’t take particularly good care of them.”

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Yale to Receive Kissinger Papers and Establish the Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy

Yale Daily Bulletin – “President Richard C. Levin today announced that Dr. Henry A. Kissinger will donate his papers to Yale University. The collection, which consists of approximately one million documents and objects covering Dr. Kissinger’s extraordinary life as a diplomat, scholar, teacher, and private citizen, will enhance Yale’s existing strengths as an archival repository for major 20th century American leaders. Yale already holds the papers of renowned former diplomats and alumni Henry Stimson (Class of 1888), Dean Acheson (Class of 1915), and Cyrus Vance (Class of 1939, LAW ’42), as well as those of President Woodrow Wilson’s most influential adviser, “Colonel” Edward House.”

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