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Most libraries close the book on coffee shops

“When Dakota County asked people in Eagan what they wanted in a remodeled library, the No. 1 item on the wish list had nothing to do with books. It was lattes, cappuccinos and muffins. Today, though, after two agonizing stabs at fulfilling those dreams, the coffee shop space sits empty. Ramsey County drew national acclaim in the 1990s for placing a coffee bar in the Roseville library, and it still thrives. But two decades later, librarians are close to giving up on the oh-so-Minnesota marriage of caffeine and literacy.” (via Star Tribune)

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Sarcasm Not Needed – Just Tell Us The Story

Eric Ferreri – “Feel free to raise your voice a little in Duke’s Bostock Library. You won’t get shushed. And that steaming cup o’ java isn’t a problem, either. Just don’t spill it on the Ralph Waldo Emerson anthology.”

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Into Coffee?

Illustrations of various espresso drinks. Cafe Americano. Yummy! (via)

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