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Fastcase Takes Printing to the Cloud

PR Web – “Legal publisher Fastcase today launched a suite of Fastcase Cloud Printing applications for legal research that allow one-click case printing from many legal applications. The suite launched this morning with the first three three printing applications, for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, and a case finder application for law firm intranets.”

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Amazon may soon launch film, music locker service

CNET – “Amazon has spoken with some of the major record companies and Hollywood film studios about creating a digital locker service for their film and music libraries and could announce the plans as early as next week, sources told CNET. Sources from both the film and music industries said Amazon is working on creating a cloud locker service that would enable users to store their existing music, film, and book collections, even content not purchased at Amazon, on the company’s servers.”

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Get Your Storage Out of the Cloud

WSJ – “Ask anyone in the technology industry to talk about trends and “the cloud” is sure to come up in conversation. The cloud is a hip way of describing Web-accessible storage, and whether people know it or not, they’re using this more each day. Social networks save account information in the cloud. Photo-sharing sites store images in the cloud. Web-based email programs keep messages in the cloud. People also are starting to back up the contents of their computers to the cloud, which makes files accessible from almost anywhere using an Internet connection.”

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