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Digital Canada 150 misses opportunities, says CLA

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has for some time called for the creation of a federal strategy to meet the demands and opportunities presented by the global digital economy. In July 2010, CLA made a submission to the federal government’s Digital Economy Consultation. The consultation was conducted jointly by Industry Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and Canadian Heritage. As the voice of Canada’s libraries, we believe Canadians deserve access to the digital tools and learning that will help them succeed in a changing world. While we welcome the initiatives outlined in the Digital Canada 150 plan, we have some concerns about its scope and ambition, and believe that some opportunities have been missed.” (via Canadian Library Association)

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CLA launches advocacy newsletter

“Welcome to The National Voice, CLA’s newsletter devoted to the association’s national advocacy activities. This first issue provides an overview of our activities for January to May 2013. The newsletter will be published on an ad hoc basis, as we have updates on issues and initiatives of interest to our community.” (via Canadian Library Association)

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