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Book Club

Chris Wetterich – “For two years, patrons and employees at Lincoln Library have stared into the faces of the Springfield’s homeless every day. More info on this year’s book. Now, through Together We Read, a community reading program, they can read a novel featuring a character who tries to understand how a once-successful photographer ended up on the street.

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Double Bind

There are books that I enjoy and books that cause me to use expletives because they are so damned well written. Double Bind, by Chris Bohjalian was one of those books. I have read a few of his novels (Midwives, Trans-Sister radio), but this one was his best. Hands down.

I’m a sucker for books about mental illness, mainly for personal reasons.

I’m trying to move from one addiction to another, so I might be blogging more about books I’m reading.

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