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New York Census Data, Centuries Old, Is Now Online

“What was Al Capone’s address? Where did Jonas Salk live? What did John D. Rockefeller list as his occupation? Whom did Franklin D. Roosevelt list as the head of his household in 1925? The New York State Archives and Library has collaborated with Ancestry.com to provide searchable versions of the recently released 1940 United States census; New York State censuses from 1892, 1915 and 1925; and marriage, draft and other records dating to the 17th century.”

via NYTimes.com

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US Census covering Great Depression to be released

WSJ – “It was a decade when tens of millions of people in the U.S. experienced mass unemployment and social upheaval as the nation clawed its way out of the Great Depression and rumblings of global war were heard from abroad. Now, intimate details of 132 million people who lived through the 1930s will be disclosed as the U.S. government releases the 1940 census on April 2 to the public for the first time after 72 years of privacy protection lapses. Access to the records will be free and open to anyone on the Internet — but they will not be immediately name searchable.”

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City Library Eases the Way For Searching 1940 Census

WSJ – The National Archives releases census records once a decade, and on April 2 it is making available the information from the 1940 census. But the records won’t immediately be searchable by name. For those whose relatives lived in New York City, the New York Public Library is aiming to make it simpler to search this holy grail of information about what life was like during periods such as the Great Depression and the lead-up to World War II.”

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