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Explicit book pulled from middle school library in Marietta

KXII“- “A Love County parent is outraged after her young daughter brings home a book so graphic, we can’t even repeat some of the dialogue on television”

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Muslim-Themed Novel “Shelved”:

January Magazine – “Chalk up another 10 points for the thought police. We live in dangerous times, indeed.”

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Penguins in trouble

Jacket Copy – “This bit of news coincided with a book that arrived at our offices the other day. I can only imagine what opponents of “And Tango Makes Three” will think of Joel Derfner’s “Swish: My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever,” published this month by Broadway Books, if it makes it to their local libraries.”

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Government funded database censors the word “abortion”

LibrarianActivist.org – “A librarian wrote to the POPLINE database providers to ask why a search strategy, probably involving the word abortion, retrieved fewer results than it did 3 months earlier.”

Yowsa! This is horrible.

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Google shareholders to vote on censorship, human rights

CNET News.com – “For the second year in a row, Google shareholders will be asked to hold the Web search giant accountable for protecting free speech, regardless of international borders.”

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Pocatello Librarian Says Book About Censorship is Being Censored

NBC Newschannel 6 – “The Idaho Falls Public Library is in the middle of a community reading project to encourage people to read books. But the book the library chose is about censorship, and one librarian thinks the controversial book just like its topic, is being censored.”

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Disturbing book will stay in school library

Boston Globe – “A novel by Alice Sebold kept in the John W. McDevitt Middle School library will remain there, despite a request from a parent to remove it.”

Interesting headline…a bit one sided.

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Censored Flag Art

Laura Dolce – “What started as a simple art show has turned into a battle between an artist and library officials, with charges of censorship on one side, and concerns over “inflammatory” images on the other.”

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More on Human Filtering – The Bad Kind

Carlos Sadovi – “After hearing from the district’s lawyers, the principal sent a letter to parents Monday informing them that the book would remain on the required reading list. He warned parents that if they directed their children not to read the book, it could “have a significant negative effect on the final course grade.”

The question is, who suffers more here? The students. They don’t get a say?

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More on Censoring

Japan Times – “Several libraries have suspended access to a book that contains confidential information about a teenager institutionalized for setting his home on fire and killing his stepmother and two siblings.”

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