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A new player in Canada’s legal information market

“Distilling large amounts of complex information for others has always been part of what lawyers do.  But even they need help finding it, which is why providing legal information is such a big part of the legal services business.Over the last decade, the two main players in this space in Canada, LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters, have done just that, and more, by betting on technology to support lawyers in firms and law departments in applying their legal knowledge.Now, a new competitor hopes to shake-up the space. Earlier this month, Compass, the new Canadian legal research platform — and new incarnation — of Maritime Law Book, announced that vLex, a Barcelona and Miami-based legal publisher, and California-based Justia were taking a stake in the company.” (via National Magazine)

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There’s A Good Reason Canadians Won’t Give Up Their Libraries

“If you really want to rile up a Canadian, threaten to take away their library.xCraig got his first taste of activism speaking out to save our local library. We’ve noticed ever since then that when provinces and cities experience a budget crunch, libraries are often first on the chopping block. Yet invariably, citizen rise up to protect them from extinction.” (via Huffington Post)

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Libraries feel the eBook pinch

“The book worm has turned. Local libraries are making noise about eBook prices, saying that they pay multinational publishers up to five times more than average consumers do for the same titles. And libraries — including ones in Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Vancouver — say they’d like things to change, so that they can pay according to their size and needs, rather than using the current one-size-fits-all model.” (via Toronto Star)

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Get thee to a library: It’s more important than ever

“In the wake of the provincial government’s decision to close almost half the public libraries in Newfoundland, politicians have offered up a number of justifications. The most prevalent – and specious – argument is that technology has rendered libraries obsolete, and that libraries are now relics of the predigital age. This couldn’t be further from the truth.” (via Globe & Mail)

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Tim Tierney’s call for ‘fair’ e-book prices for libraries adopted by FCM

“Canadian municipalities are asking the federal government to find ways to bring down e-book prices for their public libraries, a move led by an Ottawa councillor. The chair of the Ottawa Public Library Board, Tim Tierney, put forward a resolution at a meeting of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities last week calling on the federal government to investigate the publishing industry’s “restrictive” practice of charging public libraries more for electronic versions of books and magazines.” (via CBC News)

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