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California State Library grant provides books for California prisons

“The California State Library has awarded the Southern California Library Cooperative (SCLC) a grant for $371,000 to provide text books and recreational reading materials to California Prisons. These funds provided through the Library Services Training Act (LSTA), are being granted to support an important need – new materials and textbooks in prison libraries. The monies granted are being used to furnish textbooks to three California prisons. These include adult prisons San Quentin and Ironwood and juvenile prison, the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility. Recreational reading materials are being sent to all California prisons. The textbooks provided for the adult prisons will be used to give inmates more resources to complete classes at community colleges. At Ventura’s Youth Correctional Facility, juvenile offenders will get textbooks to help them complete their high school diplomas. The recreational reading materials, going to all 33 prisons in California, include magazines, newspapers, and fiction and non-fiction books.”

via California State Library

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Bilbary to sell e-books via California libraries

“E-book website Bilbary has done a deal with Califa, the not-for-profit co-operative of the California State library service, to offer e-book sales through the service. >Each Califa-served library will carry a ‘Bilbary Kitten’ button on its own website, linking to the Bilbary e-book site. Bilbary founder Tim Coates said: “Our long-term aim is to help public and academic libraries provide e-books to their patrons and to make available the widest possible collection of e-books from all over the world. At this stage the site offers e-books for sale and soon will provide subsidised book rentals to help libraries fulfil their role.”

via The Bookseller

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Bay Area immigration records, destined for dustbin, will be released Tuesday

Contra Costa Times – “Tens of thousands of old West Coast immigration records the government once sought to throw away will instead become publicly available on Tuesday at a Bay Area archive. Photographs, letters, health records, interview transcripts and other historical documents were destined for a recycling bin or a remote Midwestern storage facility. “We changed that plan. We’re making them permanent,” said spokeswoman Sharon Rummery of U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services.

Archivists credit the advocacy of the late U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, and his successor, Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, for helping to save the collection.”

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Goodbye, state funding for California libraries

KALW – “The bad news is that state funding for California libraries has been completely eliminated. There’s not really any good news about that except that it was expected. This past July, state library funding was sliced in half, and there was a trigger amendment attached to the budget that would eliminate state funding for public libraries at midyear if the state’s revenue projections were not met. Needless to say, they weren’t.”

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UC San Diego Libraries Receive $1.1 Million Bequest From Alumna Alice Marquis

UC San Diego – “The estate of Alice Goldfarb Marquis, Ph.D., an accomplished writer, historian and alumna of the University of California, San Diego, has left $1.1 million to support the UC San Diego Libraries. The gift from the Alice G. Marquis Living Trust, which represents the largest bequest ever to the Libraries, will help to maintain and enhance collections and services of the UC San Diego Libraries, with a portion of the gift specifically designated to augment the existing H. Stuart Hughes UCSD Libraries Endowment for Modern European History. The Libraries will also direct some of the funding from the bequest to establish a new study area open 24 hours, five days a week, in Geisel Library.”

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Brown signs bill restricting library privatization

AP – “Under a bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, private companies would be required to prove that they would save taxpayers money should they take over a public library. AB438 by Democratic Assemblyman Das Williams of Santa Barbara is designed to restrict the privatization of public libraries. Williams has said that some public libraries have decided to let private, for-profit companies run the libraries and the new library service providers often impose new fees on taxpayers while diminishing the quality of library services.”

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Calif. Extends Library Privacy Laws to E-Books

PC Mag – “California Governor Jerry Brown this week signed into law a bill that will extend privacy protections currently in place for library records to book purchases, including e-books. The bill, known as the Reader Privacy Act of 2011, will require government agencies to obtain a court order before they access customer records from book stores or online retailers. It will officially become law on January 1.”

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West Hollywood’s new library celebrates

LA Times – “You know you’re at a wilder library celebration than usual when, in addition to signed first editions and fancy restaurant dinners, the silent auction includes a special-edition signature mattress set. The mattress set, books and dozens of other auction items were on display on the patio at the West Hollywood public library Saturday evening. Library supporters had access to the patio, a lush green lawn and the library itself for a gala cocktail event. As West Hollywood Mayor John Duran noted, the new multi-story library was built with a significant contribution of private funds — a $7.2-million oversized check was presented, to much applause.”

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Calif. bill protects customers’ reading records

AP – “Government agencies would have to get a warrant or court order to obtain customers’ reading records from bookstores and online booksellers, under a bill approved by the state Senate. The legislation by Sen. Leland Yee is patterned after similar privacy protections that currently are in place for library records. The bill, SB602, passed the Senate unanimously and without debate Monday. It now goes to the Assembly.”

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Mayor Antonio Villariagosa wants to reopen L.A.’s libraries on Mondays

LA Times – “When Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave his State of the City speech Wednesday night, the focus was on education. But in one of the few moments that he didn’t talk about education reform — when he wasn’t getting his biggest applause of the night by talking about fixing potholes — he touched on public libraries.

KPCC’s Frank Stoltz reported that the mayor promised further cuts in city spending, and that “Villaraigosa offered few details, but did offer some good news — he wants to provide money to reopen libraries on Mondays and add park space.”

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