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Keep it free: public domain for California government works under threat

“The California legislature is considering AB 2880, a bill that would allow the state and local government to hold copyright on their works. The bill has been widely—and rightfully, in our view—criticized for its negative impact on the public domain and civil discourse. As such, the Wikimedia Foundation has sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee to join other groups in calling for the California senate to reject this bill.Currently, most works by the California state government are not restricted by copyright—they are part of the public domain, available to be used freely by everyone with no restrictions. The public domain allows everyone to access, copy, share, and remix works, including adding them to Wikipedia articles.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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A Library Writes Its Own Story

“The public library in Redlands, California is much more than a steward of books and information. It is an exemplar of the history of the town and a living legend of its spirit of generosity, a hallmark of Redlands since its first days.” (via The Atlantic)

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UC Press, California Digital Library receive grant to improve publication system

“University of California Press and the California Digital Library, or CDL, received a grant of $750,000 earlier this month to develop a Web-based workflow-management system that would improve the publication process of open-access monographs. The two-year grant — awarded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which supports works in the arts and humanities — is intended to promote the publication of social science monographs, which are detailed written studies of specific subject areas. UC Press and the CDL are developing the system to help decrease the costs and increase the efficiency of the academic publication process.” (via DailyCal.org)

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CSU to turn 23 campus libraries into one giant, cloud-based network

“It was her first major paper as a college student, so Carla Castro visited the John M. Pfau Library at Cal State San Bernardino to conduct research, but the business management major ran into a problem. Castro said she couldn’t find the right research material to help her write the paper for her English class. She got by with the guidance of her professor, but Castro said in some cases, hunting at the local library, trying to find peers from whom she can borrow materials, or else waiting for the campus to track down the study items she needs can take a couple of weeks.” (via Daily News)

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Panel OKs State Librarian Despite Initial Concerns

“The son of a former California Supreme Court justice won approval Wednesday from a state Senate panel as the new state librarian after initial concerns that he had never worked in the field and had no formal training as a librarian when he was nominated. Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown named Greg Lucas of Sacramento to the $143,000-a-year post in March. State law requires the appointee to be a technically trained librarian, and Lucas said he began taking an online master’s degree library science class this month from San Jose State University.” (via AP)

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