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[Calgary Public] Library to trim about 300,000 books from collection

“The Calgary Public Library wants to reduce its book stocks by about 300,000 in order to free up more space in the buildings to run programs. The surplus books will be cleared out before the end of the year. They will be sold through a re-seller. Calgary Public Library CEO Bill Ptacek told CBC Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener that part of the motivation for culling the collection is a big change slated for the New Year. “It’s not a well-kept secret that in January the library is going to be free, there’s going to be no charge for cards,” he said.” (via CBC News)

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Calgary’s new central library in East Village: Getting the peek-a-boo reveal

“Expect loud oohing and ahhing about a library Thursday night. In front of book nerds and architecture geeks, the designers of the new central library will pull back the curtain on their grand vision. It’s a much-hyped unveiling — not quite at the same level as The Bow though it’s a public building, nor at the level of the Peace Bridge though at $245 million it costs 10 times as much” (via Calgary Herald)

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